Winterizing Popular Summer Recipes Like Cucumber Cups Recipes

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The summer is a great time for most if not all of your favorite finger food recipes, such as a variety of different dips and spreads, cool new takes on classic deviled egg recipes, cucumber cups recipes, and other fast and easy appetizers. But who says you can only enjoy these foods when the sun is out and the temperature is high? Why can’t you have delicious cucumber cup recipes while hunkered inside the comfort of your home during a mid-winter snow storm?

Guess what? You can! Who said cucumber cups recipes are just for summer anyway? You can winterize your favorite summer food and appetizer recipes by giving them a winter twist. Compared to summer foods which tend to be lighter, sweeter, and more refreshing, winter foods are usually served warm are heartier, heavier, and more savory. Think rich soups, chunky stews, and filling meals that warm you up to your bones. All you have to do to in order to winterize your favorite summer recipes for appetizers and foods is to make them heartier, richer, and more flavorful.

For example, instead of filling cucumber cups recipes with hummus dips, why not fill them with a satisfying Indian or Thai style curry? Curries are excellent winter foods and have just the right amount of spice to warm things up a bit. The cucumber is a great compliment for the heat and richness of the curry and can help to balance out the heaviness of a curried stew. Another great use for cucumber cups is for using them as mini bowls for a savory winter chili.

Winterizing cucumber cup recipes isn’t the only summer recipe you can kick up notch in winter. Try adding rich, exotic, and tantalizing spice blends such as different kinds of curry to your favorite recipes. Have you ever tried curry hummus spreads? Or what about hot sauce hummus recipes? Or have you ever tried cooking with recipes using hummus. That’s right, you can cook with hummus and add it to your favorite soups, stews, and even scrambled eggs! The uses for hummus spread are endless!

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