4 great hummus making tips for the health fanatic

Hummus dip

Over the past few years, hummus has seen a huge explosion in popularity. The people who are most excited about it are health nuts. Here are a few basic ideas to spice up many different types of hummus, while keeping away the calories.
After you have chopped up some roasted garlic, simply mix it in with any type of hummus. Roasted garlic hummus dip is the perfect snack to drive away those late afternoon urges. Create a spicy hummus that you can eat with pitas or on a toasted bagel.

Hummus is a great way to slim down in the summer months. In fact, people who enjoy eating chickpeas (the main ingredient in plain hummus) hold a substantially greater HEI 2005 score, much lower body mass index and enjoy a tinier waistline.
If garlic hummus isn’t what you are looking for, try Mediterranean hummus. You get all the comforts of the Mediterranean Sea, with few calories. But remember, hummus calories are the best calories. Enjoying hummus doesn’t even hurt your health. It is said that eating legumes (which are a main ingredient in hummus) four times a week or more can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by 11%, as well as having a 22% lower risk of heart disease, when compared with those who only ate fruits, vegetables, or hummus once a week.
If you are looking to fulfill your bean recommendation for the day, two tablespoons of the wonderful stuff is all you need. But remember, making different types of hummus keeps things from getting stale. Challenge the status quo by adding kale to your next hummus dip.
One of the best things about spicy hummus is that it livens up traditional food and makes usually boring food items taste great. Let’s say you were to increase your intake of vegetables each day by eating them with different types of hummus. By eating vegetables more than three times a day, you are joining the many people who have a 27% lower risk of stroke, 42% lower incidence of dying from a stroke and 25% lower heart disease mortality.

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