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4 Food Choices That Lupus Patients Should Consider

As a disease, Lupus doesn’t receive as much media attention as other autoimmune disorders, like multiple sclerosis and celiac disease. However, it is more common than many might think, with 200,000 cases in the United States each year. When first diagnosed with Lupus, it’s natural to be worried and perhaps even a little scared. Lupus can vary wildly in terms of its symptoms and severity, and it is a disease without a cure. The most basic definition of the disease’s effects is that it causes the sufferer’s immune system to attack the body’s tissue. But how this manifests can either be severe or somewhat milder and easier to deal with, depending on a lot of different factors. Lupus sufferers rarely have the same levels of symptoms throughout their lifetime. Rather, they have flare-ups over time that will change the severity of the patient’s condition. It is an inflammatory disease, and most commonly will affect the joints, skin, and internal organs. The fact that Lupus can affect so many different parts of the body also changes its degrees of symptoms. Furthermore, there are actually four different types of the disease.

Most commonly, when people discuss Lupus, they’re thinking of systemic Lupus, which is the most widespread form. The other forms include cutaneous Lupus, which targets the skin rather than the entire body, neonatal Lupus, rare form of the disease which only affects the infants of women who carry the disease, and drug-induced Lupus. The latter form is technically a disease that is like Lupus rather than Lupus itself and is induced by certain prescription drugs. When dealing with systemic Lupus, there are a variety of different treatments that essentially treat the symptoms, as a cure is unavailable. Lupus is a disease that therefore must be managed over the course of a lifetime. As is the case with many chronic illnesses, an individual’s diet can affect how the disease manifests. While all dietary choices of Lupus patients should be made with a doctor’s advice in mind, there are steps that you can take to make your diet more Lupus-friendly. With that being said, let’s look into some of the foods that work best for Lupus patients. While a specific lifestyle change won’t make the disease go away, having the best diet for Lupus patients possible can make life a lot easier.

1. Calcium-Rich Foods

When researching the best diet for Lupus patients, you’ll quickly realize that calcium-rich foods are great additions to your overall meal-planning process. The reason why Lupus patients should stock up on their calcium is not so much due to the disease’s symptoms, as it is due to the medications that Lupus patients tend to take. Many Lupus patients are prescribed steroids to help fight the disease. While steroids have a lot of benefits for Lupus patients, they also have some negative side effects, in particular the thinning of the bones. The thinner your bones become, the more likely you will be to suffer from random fractures. Therefore, you should eat foods that have high levels of calcium and vitamin D in order to strengthen your bones and combat this particular side effect. Fortunately, it’s not overly difficult to add foods that are high in calcium to your overall diet. You’re probably already eating foods with a good deal of calcium now; you’ll just want to raise their levels. This will not only benefit your bones but also help you if you’re dealing with thinning hair or highly breakable fingernails as well.

Foods that are high in calcium and vitamin D would include cheese, tofu, yogurt, beans, low-fat milk, and dark, leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Of course, some of these foods may clash against health issues that you’re already dealing with. if you’re lactose-intolerant, you may worry about upping your intake of milk and dairy-based products. Fortunately, there are alternatives, like calcium-fortified plant milks. Furthermore, as vegan cheeses become more popular, you may be able to seek out calcium-fortified plant-based cheeses as well. You don’t have to go out of your way to drink a lot of milk and eat many different cheeses independent of other ingredients, either. For example, having a Margherita pizza allows you to take in calcium due to the cheese toppings; you don’t have to eat that cheese on its own unless you want it to. You can just put more thought into the foods that you’re choosing.

2. Replace Salt With Healthier Alternatives

A lot of the foods that you should avoid while formulating the best diet for Lupus patients are foods that you should be cutting out of your diet, at least as much as possible, anyway. You’ve probably already heard that you should be cutting down on the amount of salt that you’re putting into your body. Too much sodium isn’t good for anyone, and it can actually put you at a higher risk for heart disease. Lupus already endangers the heart in this sense, and therefore you should take extra care to prevent heart disease. Of course, salt is a major part of a lot of different recipes, which leaves people wondering what they should choose as salt alternatives.

It’s really all about getting creative, not just in terms of cutting down on salt but in terms of creating the best diet for Lupus patients in general. You can cut down on salt itself by remembering to ask for sauces on the side of your meal at restaurants and requesting your foods without salt whenever possible. But when cooking at home, you can add other foods and seasonings for additional flavor when going without salt. For example, while lemon doesn’t mimic salt, it does bring out savory flavors in foods much like salt does. Pepper is used in conjunction with salt, and you can certainly still use it while dealing with Lupus. Many cultures have always used seasonings like curry powder and turmeric instead of salt, and you can choose them while creating the best diet for Lupus patients. It’s really about improvising when it comes to dealing with many diets made to deal with adult diseases, and diets for Lupus are no exceptions.

3. Choose Fatty Fish Over Red Meat

You can still be a meat eater and a sufferer of Lupus. But you might have to change the types of meats that you consume, ideally as soon after you receive the positive test for the anti Smith antibody that indicates that you have Lupus as possible. Red meat can be a problem for those attempting to create the best diet for Lupus patients, much for the same reasons that salt can be an issue. Red meat is often full of saturated fight. As this can be another contributing factor to heart disease, Lupus patients are often instructed to avoid red meat. Getting rid of red meat may seem like a big sacrifice for meat lovers, but you should actually up your intake of fatty fish, which can be a great replacement. This is because these fish have high levels of omega-3s, which are good for sufferers of Lupus.

Omega-3s offer a number of different benefits. They’re often taken by those who have to consider their eye care more than others due to macular degeneration and other eye diseases. But you don’t have to take supplements to get those benefits if you add fatty fishes to your diet. If you haven’t eaten a lot of fish in the past, you have a world of great meals ahead of you. You can increase your intake of tuna through tuna salad and tuna sandwiches, or utilize tuna steaks as alternatives to the typical beef steaks. Tuna steaks can be grilled like beef steaks, and seasoned similarly as well. Mackerel and sardines are also fatty fishes that are flavorful, and can also take on the flavors that are added to them. Of course, the classic fatty fish that is considered both delicious and indulgent is salmon. Salmon can be extremely flavorful, and put over salad or pasta, or eaten by itself or with a side of vegetables. Salmon can be cooked in the pan, baked in the oven, or tossed on the grill. You can get creative with different types of fish, and make some beautiful meals that won’t feel like replacements for anything that you gave up.

4. Choose Filling Vegetables

Everyone should choose vegetables as much as possible, of course. This isn’t just something that people should do if they’re looking for the best diet for Lupus patients. But Lupus patients often have to deal with a higher level of hunger than the average person, due to the steroids they often are prescribed. Of course, if you eat too much of certain types of foods, like those with trans fats, you can rapidly gain a large amount of weight and perhaps become overweight, which is unhealthy. Again, as Lupus patients are at a high risk of developing heart disease, this is particularly unhealthy for them. But it can be difficult to stave off your hunger if you’re eating food that is less than filling, which is why some vegetables are better for Lupus patients looking to stay fulfilled than others. No matter what, the best diet for Lupus patients will include raw vegetables; but it should also be satisfying to live off of.The reason why a lot of vegetables are less filling than other types of food is that many of them are largely made up of water. For example, iceberg lettuce is more water than it is anything nutritious. In contrast, broccoli is highly fibrous, while also offering the benefits of being anti-inflammatory while lowering your risk of heart disease. This makes it a great vegetable for Lupus patients to eat, while also filling them up. Artichokes are also very dense and fibrous, and it offers benefits for the skin, which is, as previously mentioned, a problem point for Lupus patients. Another fibrous option that should be included on the best diet for Lupus patient is the pea. Peas are not only fibrous but full of protein. This means that they can help combat the patient’s reduction in red meat consumption. A lot of plant-based meat substitute meals utilize pea powder for this reason. Carrots can be eaten by Lupus patients who are trying to eat more raw vegetables, as they’re particularly delicious and satisfying while eaten raw; and they can be dipped in yogurt, upping their calcium intake. Carrots also are sweet, replacing some of the fattier, sweeter options that Lupus patients should stay away from. Another sweet vegetable that Lupus patients should consider is the sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber, and they’re full of antioxidants. With that being said, those that are looking to get health benefits out of sweet potatoes should keep the skin on, as that’s where the nutrients lie.

Lupus doesn’t have to be a devastating diagnosis. Yet even though Lupus patients don’t often have to visit a 24 hour urgent care center due to their symptoms, it still causes some anxiety for patients, understandably. There are a lot of different options available for people who want to live full and positive lives while dealing with Lupus. Many of the steps to becoming healthy while dealing with Lupus are really about making lifestyle changes, rather than attacking the disease itself. Choosing the best diet for Lupus patients is the first step to living with Lupus, rather than worrying about Lupus constantly.

In a lot of ways, the lifestyle changes that Lupus patients have to make are changes that lead to a healthier life overall. While the best diet for Lupus patients may not be the diet you always imagined living with, it’s a diet with a lot of different benefits that will have long-term positive consequences. Really, it’s a diet that people without Lupus should emulate as well. You’re allowed to be daunted by a Lupus diagnosis. Just don’t let it hold you back!


8 Tips for How to Open a Successful Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is a challenging venture. In the United States, there are nearly 661,000 restaurants operating. That’s a lot of competition.

Not to mention that so many restaurants don’t survive their first few years. If you are looking to get ahead of the competition, you will need some tips and tricks for how to open a successful restaurant.

Running a successful restaurant is about a lot more than just your menu. Yes, the food should be the centerpiece of your restaurant, but it cannot be your sole focus. Things like location, advertising and additional services can all elevate your restaurant above the pack so it survives for the long haul.

Keep reading for eight tips about how to open a successful restaurant.

1. Find a Sweet Spot

Location is crucial to the success of your new restaurant. Where you are located can have a massive impact on the amount of success you enjoy. You can have the best food in the world, but if your location isn’t somewhere a lot of people have access to, it will hardly matter.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, restaurants that have beaten the odds despite their locations. Still, it’s best not to rely on these edge cases if you are trying to figure out how to open a successful restaurant.

In general, there are a few things worth keeping in mind when choosing the location for your restaurant:

  • Visibility
  • Parking/accessibility
  • Crime rate
  • Other nearby businesses

Try to find a location where your restaurant or at least its signage will be highly visible. If you are tucked far away from roads and high traffic areas, no one will know how to find you. Clear signage can help with this. If you are far from a road, you can use signs as a way to lead people right to your door.

You should also consider access. If you are in a major city, look for where buses and trains stop. Being close to these locations can drive a lot of foot traffic. If you aren’t near public transit, consider parking options for your customers.

Finally, look at the overall area. Is there a lot of crime? Are nearby businesses thriving? These can both be indications of how well you will do in the location. Crime can deter foot traffic and bring down your business. And other businesses can be a barometer of how much the area is thriving – or not.

2. Do Traditional Advertising

Don’t skip over traditional advertising when thinking about how to open a successful restaurant. Traditional advertising might include things like newspaper ads, flyers, and signs. These are all tried and true methods that have still not quite gone out of style.

If you aren’t sure how to approach these types of advertising elements, don’t be afraid to get help. Advertising is a large part of how to open a successful restaurant, so it’s certainly worth the investment up front.

Plus, commercial sign design companies can help you create a sign that won’t simply be a one-off advertising campaign, but a lasting part of how your business reaches out to customers.

3. Do Non-Traditional Advertising

Of course, none of this means you shouldn’t also invest in non-traditional advertising methods. These days, a lot of businesses find their customers on via the internet and smartphones. These are crucial ways to reach the people you are hoping to attract to your restaurant.

If you want to know how to open a successful restaurant, spend some time looking at the websites of restaurants similar to your own. What do they do right? What is easy to navigate? What is frustrating or hard to read? You can emulate their success and discard their mistakes to build your own website.

Of course, it’s about more than just a website these days. You may need the help of a website programmer to build out not just a website, but also a social media presence that can help you reach customers.

And there is also the tried and true method of email marketing. This might be considered “old-fashioned” among non-traditional advertising methods, but emailing things like coupons, events, and menu updates can keep you on customers’ minds. If you are wondering how to open a successful restaurant, check out the email campaigns of restaurants you’ve visited. Just like with websites, you can glean best practices from these while ignoring things that aren’t so great.

4. Get Creative

These are just two obvious ways of advertising. When it comes to how to open a successful restaurant, though, creativity is key.

There is no reason you need to stick only to the obvious methods of advertising and getting your name out there to the public. You should feel free to get as creative as you want with your marketing.

If creativity isn’t your strong suit, or maybe even if it is, you might consider employing the help of an advertising agency to fine-tune your marketing approach for your new restaurant. Marketing agencies are experts in all forms of advertisement, from the traditional to the truly unique.

Some great ways you can reach customers includes things like attending events, offering samples, and having a fun presence on social media. An Instagram account that features things like recipes and personal stories can make you feel more human to your customers. This will make them more inclined to choose you when they’re thinking of where to dine out for the evening.

Events are another great thing you can do. If you’re wondering how to open a successful restaurant in your community, go be with that community! Attending community events lets you show off what you have to offer while getting face to face with the people you’d be serving. There is no better way to build a rapport with your customers than to establish a personal connection like this.

5. Hire Professionals

If all of these tips about how to open a successful restaurant are beginning to sound overwhelming, maybe you should consider getting some professionals on your side. You don’t need to do all of this alone. There are people who are great at coordinating events, building social media profiles, and doing all sorts of advertising tasks.

Especially in the early days of a new restaurant, it can certainly feel like you have no choice but to go it alone. Fortunately, this is not actually the case.

Of course, advertising specialists and brand strategy consulting services are not free. That’s why it’s important to include professionals in your start up budget. Your initial investment should have a little set aside for hiring the kinds of people you will need in order to help you build your brand and reach customers.

Not to mention the professionals you’ll need inside the restaurant itself. From cooks to cleaners to builders, it takes a lot of dedicated hands to make a restaurant successful when it opens. Employee costs can be a heavy burden up front before you really start generating revenue, but you simply can’t do without these kinds of professionals to guide you along your way.

Part of how to open a successful restaurant comes down to the people who help you open that restaurant. If you have personal recommendations from friends and the like, try to stick with those. Having the best people around you as you open your restaurant will help smooth out the process.

It can be tempting to cut costs here, but don’t forget that the people you hire now might be with you for a long time throughout this process. They will be vital to your success. You will often get what you pay for, so think carefully before choosing a professional that comes at a discount.

6. Branch Out

These days, a lot of restaurants do so much more than simply serve food. All kinds of restaurants are branching out into other areas. That doesn’t just mean kids’ birthday parties, either.

When thinking about how to open a successful restaurant and keep it successful for the long haul, think about the kinds of areas you might be able to branch out into. Some restaurants also have a club or dance floor on the side, some simply have a bar. Some restaurants focus on catering as a side business or encourage group events like bachelorette parties.

All of these avenues come with additional costs and challenges. For example, in order to have a bar, you might need a different kind of liquor license. In order to provide catering you might also be looking at additional licenses, depending on where you are located.

While considering additional services you might be able to provide, also consider the costs and hurdles involved in those services. Laws and procedures often change from state to state, so look into your state and even city’s laws and regulations regarding operating a restaurant business.

You may find that your restaurant naturally lends itself to some sort of additional service. That’s great! Just ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to avoid legal hurdles if you go this route.

7. Protect Yourself

Speaking of legal hurdles, you should spend a moment considering how to protect yourself while you are thinking about how to open a successful restaurant. Like any business, a new restaurant is open to certain risks. These are more likely to hit you if you aren’t expecting them thought.

Some common risks for restaurants include things like property damage, fire, water damage, liquor liability, personal injuries, and equipment failure. And that doesn’t even touch on things like food contamination or spoilage.

These can all be major setbacks for a new restaurant. All that careful work you put into how to open a successful restaurant may be dashed due to a malfunction in some machine or device that you overlooked.

Insurance can help mitigate the pain of some of these issues. This is a good initial investment for anyone looking to open a new restaurant. It will not only protect you now, but also in the long run.

However, there is a lot you can do on your own, as well. You can learn how to detect fraud before it becomes a major issue that impairs your business, for example. Or you can learn what you can about the people manufacturing the equipment you’ll need, including how often that equipment fails or has resulted in things like breakdowns and fires.

8. Perfect Your Look

Finally, think about your look. You can’t learn how to open a successful restaurant without learning at least a little about the aesthetics. Look is important to your customers. It will stick in their minds for a long time to come, so make sure your restaurant reflects your theme and design aesthetic.

This is yet another area where you can seek the help of professionals. You could hire kitchen remodeling services to get your kitchen looking just the way you want it. Sure, this isn’t an area that many customers will see, but it still contributes to the overall look and feel of your restaurant. And there are restaurants that have removed the curtain between kitchen and dining area, allowing customers to see exactly how their meals are made. This is a more modern trend that might appeal to you as well.

Perfecting your look is something you will want to do early on, if you can. It is not merely the end result of all this hard work into how to open a successful restaurant — it is also what might help your restaurant become successful in the first place.

For example, you could set up a photo studio with kitchen photos that you use to advertise your restaurant before it is even open. Or you could photograph the dining area to show customers exactly where they’ll be eating when they visit.

This sets the “tone” for your whole restaurant. The look of your restaurant is about so much more than being pretty. It sets a mood and ambiance that will either attract or repel customers. Think hard about what mood is appropriate for your type of restaurant and the clients you are trying to entice. Then design around that, possibly with the help and guidance of professionals in the field who can show you how to open a successful restaurant.

Plain White Paper Cups and Custom Paper Cups that Provide Efficient Serving Options for Drinks, Soups, and More

Paper cups are beneficial to many different locations and for various events. Plain white paper cups are often able to provide both cost savings along with the ability to recycle easily. When planning an event or gathering, many types of paper cups are available to match the style of your event along with the beverages to be served.

Hot Paper Cups

Hot paper cups are often the most commonly used, especially being used at coffee shops. They are also available in offices and other places where coffee and tea are served. These may not all be plain white paper cups, because some of them are custom paper cups with the logo of a shop or brand. Most often with paper cups, you have the ability to recycle, of course, along with the ability to save money with wholesale options, lids to help prevent messes, and many additional options. More than just cups, there are other paper serving dishes:

So Many Benefits of Buying Wine Online

American online shopping has grown so much over the past few years that there is much to be said for alcohol sales being incorporated into those online sales. Buying wine online has become one of the latest food and beverage trends, whether you are an individual or a restaurant. This has added exponentially to the wine market in growth over the past few years, including billions of dollars in sales of wine online each year across the country.

Breweries and Wineries for Much More

About 7,700 wineries exist around the country, providing locations for special events along with the regular sales and services they provide on a daily basis. Wineries have become one of the most popular wedding venues, while many of them are also restaurants, bars, and entertainment locations on any night of the year. Wineries may not offer all options, but there are many special choices for event hosting, Continue reading “So Many Benefits of Buying Wine Online”

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With summer comes long evenings and delicious barbecues. What’s the treat most people look forward to when the weather gets hot?

Just look at your local popsicle store with the best ice cream around. Cold desserts beat the heat in more than one way, giving us something to talk about even as we chow down. Everyone’s got their favorite, whether it’s a classic soft serve cone or a fruity frozen yogurt. Providing the best kind means being aware of what your community loves and what they still haven’t tried yet. The best desserts in Miami are popular not just for their flavor, but the ways they brighten people’s day!

Be you a kosher dairy or a series of Mexican paletas, here’s what has everyone talking when the season shifts.

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Why Tacos Make a Great Party Dish

Throwing a party requires a lot of decision making. You have to choose decorations, make a guest list, plan activities, and even figure out what food to serve. It can be a bit stressful putting together an event, but there is one thing you can do to make it easier. You can choose to turn your next party into a taco party.

There are plenty of reasons why taco catering is the way to go for any event. Whether you’re in need of corporate catering or something more casual, tacos and other Mexican dishes make for a delicious and winning choice. Below are some reasons why should have tacos catered for your next event.

Offer Variety

Variety is always great for a party, and with tacos your caterer can offer plenty of it. A taco bar with different ingredients allows guests to choose what they want so that they can genuinely enjoy the meal. People like to have options and to be able to craft their food the way they like it, which is what makes taco bars such a hit.

E Continue reading “Why Tacos Make a Great Party Dish”

Have You Recently Converted to a Vegetarian Diet?

More and more Americans are looking for plant based options to get the protein that they need. As an increasing number of Americans opt for vegetarian and vegan diets, the food industry continues to look for ways to serve plant based options that have the consistency of meat. As a result, plant based pork, vegan friendly meat products and other meat substitutes continue to be developed.
Plant based proteins offer a way for many people to still eat the kind of foods that they want, while still adhering to their vegetarian or vegan principles. In addition to limiting the amount of fat that they eat, people who eat plant based pork and other kinds of meat made from plants play an important role in limiting the carbon footprint that we are making.
Plan Based Meats continue to Grow in Popularity
When was the last time that you felt really good at the end of a meal? As more and more Americans deal Continue reading “Have You Recently Converted to a Vegetarian Diet?”

Everything You Need to Know About the Restaurant Industry

Here is the scenario: you have an army of hungry customers and it is taking 25 minutes just to knead the dough with your hands. You need help! Now is probably the time to start considering a dough roller machine and effectively streamline the process. Or else, your customers are going to start kneading you into dough!

Here is the rub: every week that goes by 34 percent of all Americans will stop by a casual diner to grab a bite to eat, at least once; that is 34 Americans out of every 100. While 34 customers a week does not sound like a lot, that is only a simple percentage. Extrapolate it with 1000 Americans, and you get 340 customers gracing your diner every week. Which means you need a fast and efficient way of churning out dough.

Dough has its hands in a lot of favorite meals, like pizza, doughnuts, and the simple, but very delicious, garlic bread. Speaking of pizza, your restaurant is going to need a lot of dough. A 2016 Pizza Consumer Trend Report by Technomic, stated th Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About the Restaurant Industry”

Search Close to Home Finding The Best Mexican Food On The Go

Mexican food is so popular today, in so many locations worldwide. While Mexican cuisine tends to be the most popular ethnic food in the United States, it has been counted that there are just over 67,000 restaurants nationwide that serve burritos. So, does that mean that all of those are Mexican? Does the serving of burritos indicate a Mexican restaurant? And luckily, those burritos can be served on the go. With many other menu items that can be picked up and carried out, Mexican food on the go has become quite popular in the United States.

The History of Mexican Cuisine

There is much to consider with the origination of the Mexican menu and its derivation from the Mayan food as far back as 20 centuries. Mexico is also in the top 4 biodiverse globally, holding about 60-70% diversity. As far back as 1885, the Mexican cuisine that ventured into the United States included the term “enchilada.” This was followed by the invention of “Tex-Mex” cooking during the 1940s. Since then Continue reading “Search Close to Home Finding The Best Mexican Food On The Go”

Having the Right Supplies at Your Ice Cream Shop

Americans love to eat frozen desserts such as ice cream, gelato, and frozen custard, and for decades, these treats have been produced and eaten all over the nation. Sometimes, someone may appreciate a classic ice cream scoop on a waffle cone, or they want something more trendy like gelato or frozen custard or sherbet. Whatever kind of frozen dessert a person would like to have, ice cream shops and parlors across the United States are fully stocked to serve them all. A good ice cream parlor will have not only the food itself and the mixer machines to make it all, but also gelato spoons, paper cups, plastic spoons, and even custom cups to go with gelato spoons or frozen custard. This lets the shop serve a wide variety of customers who all have different tastes. What are some trends of frozen treats and their accessories today? When will someone wnat gelato spoons or a waffle cone?

Americans and Frozen Treats

Plenty of statistics show that Americans love ice cream and gelato Continue reading “Having the Right Supplies at Your Ice Cream Shop”