The Secret Ingredient For A Successful Party Crafting A Seasonal Food And Drink Menu

Good caterers

What’s the most beloved element of a party? This question has quite a few different answers depending on who you ask. The people designing the party may say the decorations, with the fun lying in all the ways colors and furniture can be arranged. The people being invited to the party may say it’s the music and chance to mingle with acquaintances, friends and co-workers. When it comes to a commonality? Food. Everyone loves delicious appetizers, tasty drinks and a filling main course to look forward to. When you need to throw together a seasonal spread or come up with a fun drink menu, your local corporate catering company has you covered.

Seasonal Spreads

A fun way to add some once-in-a-lifetime pizzazz to your party is to create a seasonal menu. These are designed from the ground up to embrace the unique qualities of the season and offer the party-goers something to truly look forward to. A more summer-y menu can have sour alcoholic drinks and spicy appetizers, while a spring-focused menu can embrace sweet fruit and leafy greens. The best caterer (as well as their accompanying staff) should be up-to-date on food safety laws to make sure everyone is protected from contaminants, allergies and under-cooked meat.

Food Bars

A food bar is a good way to get people involved in the party. Salsa and guacamole bars are popular choices for their healthy ingredients and endlessly tasty choices, while sundae bars can be perfect when you need something more sweet to round off an evening of chatting and dancing. Try to steer clear of heavy cream sauces and fatty appetizers, as more and more people are becoming conscientious about their diets. A corporate catering company can help you plan out your ideas to make your party a huge success!

Drink Menus

What else can professional catering services offer you? How about a delicious drink menu? These are some of the most enjoyable elements to plan out for their beautiful colors, styles and names. While simple juice and soda is a good basic to have, alcoholic drinks can add some zest to the get-together and help everyone relax. Beers are perfect for the fall season, while fruity vodka mixes are ideal for summer or spring. Make sure to have safe transportation readily on hand!

Allergy Warnings

You want everyone to enjoy themselves, right? Event planning and catering will make sure your guests don’t have to worry about allergies or food intolerance ruining their night. While tallying up your guest count and deciding on the schedule make sure you take a few minutes to tell your caterers about any alternative diets, allergies or food intolerance. The most common allergies are tree nuts and seafood, while the most common food intolerance is gluten. It never hurts to be careful, though!

Planning The Perfect Party

When you have dozens of invitations to send out and decorations to rent, a corporate catering company can take some of the stress off your plate. Literally! Event catering ideas are as vibrant and varied as the guests you’re inviting, so staying open to fun and new menu concepts is key to creating something truly memorable. With the help of good caterers craft a unique seasonal menu, from the appetizers to the drinks, and make sure it’s welcoming to people of all tastes, allergies and diets. You’ll have an event that’ll be remembered for least, until the next great party!

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