A Beginners Guide to Planning a Big Event

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Planning an event is no simple task. You want your event to be coordinated, orderly, and memorable. If you?re looking to plan a large event, but have no idea where to even start, here?s a comprehensive guide to planning the most important parts of your event.


Before you start making calls, you must determine how much you can afford. A large event can get very expensive, very quickly, so it?s best to know what kind of money you need to spend before you spend it. Your budget should incorporate for all of the items that will make up your event, including venue, speakers, activities, promotion, transportation, lodging and registration.


Choosing the right venue can make or break a special event. When looking for a venue for your event, you must keep in mind how many people are attending, and the function of the event. Keep in mind the availability of things such as parking, lodging, and other important services. Before deciding which venue to choose, check their availability to make sure you will be able to rent out the space when you plan to hold the event.

Event Catering Service

When you get a large group of people together, they?re going to want food. Large events typically use professional catering services to provide food to their attendees. Before planning your event catering service menu, take a minute to think about how many guests you will have, and what kind of food would be appropriate to serve. If it?s a quick event, you may want to consider sticking to a simple hor doeurves menu. However, longer or more personal events will likely need a full dinner catering menu. Good caterers will have a variety of different special event catering services from you to choose from.

Set Up

It?s the day of the event, and you have everything planned? Now it?s time to set up! Try to coordinate your set up in a way that is convenient for everyone involved. If you try to have the caterers set up at the same time as the decorators, you might run into some issues. Make sure to look at every part of the event to make sure things will run as smoothly as possible. Once set up is done, it?s time for the event to start!
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