The Best Wedding Menus Are Simpler Than You Think

Wedding trends cycle in and out of fashion, and these trends include wedding menus as well. Dietary tastes and preferences have evolved over time: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and paleo are some of the popular dietary preferences. Heavier fare such as thick sauces, starchy vegetables and some meats have fallen out of favor. If you are planning your wedding or working with a catering firm or event planner, here are some wedding menu options to consider:

Self-Serve Options

As weddings have become less formal over time, so have wedding dining options. Depending on your tastes and budget, your best wedding menu might include a serve yourself bar featuring salsa and guacamole, a taco station, or other casual self-serve options such as sliders, or even a sundae station. Guests can create their own dishes based on their unique needs and preferences.

Great Gatsby Style

The Gilded Era has come into vogue once again with Great Gatsby-themed weddings and receptions. The dinner catering menu might showcase such are as tea sandwiches, a champagne tower, and champagne cocktails.

Night Owl Options

If wedding plans include a late evening wedding, your event menu can include late-night snack options such as fruit, vegetables, sliders, or even a cereal bar for a lighter touch.

Taking The Cake

Less expensive options such as cupcakes, cake pops, pies, and crepe cakes are edging out the traditional tiered wedding cake.

Go Green

As organic and sustainable options become more popular and widely available, some couples are opting to have at least one organic or sustainable option as part of their wedding menu. If this is an option that sounds appealing to you, many professional catering services now offer this option for weddings and corporate catering events.

Some of the best wedding menus are ones that are devised by the couples themselves. By combining traditional and contemporary elements, wedding event planning and catering doesn’t have to be a headache.

If you will be hiring a wedding planner our outside catering company, they can attend to all the wedding and menu details. Be sure to carefully review the food catering menu and discuss it with the catering or event coordinator to make sure the menu will meet your expectations.

Wedding planning involves many details: from setting a date to planning the reception. The best wedding menus are menus that are aligned with the couple’s tastes, preferences, and those of their guests.

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