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Why Growlers Are the Perfect Beer Gifts

It’s official. Beer is definitely the most popular alcoholic drink in the U.S., ahead of wines and other spirits. But competition among beers is intense, and small-batch craft beers are grabbing a significant market share. This represents a generational shift, with Millennials who prefer to drink beer according to the season driving the change. Craft beers typically have a shorter shelf life, and this feature has led to the growth of accessories like growlers to store and carry small-batch beers. A variety of growlers, from more traditional glass and ceramics to insulated stainless steel growlers, make it easier to share and gift your favorite craft beer.

Small batch beers are big news
As of 2016, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the U.S. A Gallup poll found that 43% of all drinkers prefer beer to wine and spirits. Craft beers are one of the fastest growing sectors of the market, now accounting for about 12% of all beer consumed. They are ty Continue reading “Why Growlers Are the Perfect Beer Gifts”

A Look At The Use And Importance Of Micro Greens

Even if you don’t know what they are, organic micro greens and edible flowers and even herb crystals have played an important role in the industry of fine dining for many years now – as many as thirty, to be even more precise, an entire three decades in which organic micro greens have been used. And organic micro greens have been important to the industry of fine dining and fancy restaurants, an industry that has continued to grow and grow over the course of time. In fact, the industry of fine dining received a three percent growth in total visitors over the course of the last year alone – and is projected to just keep on growing. And for the restaurant industry as a whole, the fine dining sector is very important, as it often contributes up to ten percent of the total restaurant generated revenue in the entirety of the country of the United States, even though the wealthy an Continue reading “A Look At The Use And Importance Of Micro Greens”

Serve Ice Cream to Your Guests to Make Your Party Successful

If you are planning to host an event or a party in the near future, one of the most important things you should concentrate on is the food that you served to your guests. A successful party needs a number of factors that need to come together and work seamlessly for things to be successful. This can include things like the right venue and the right entertainment. However, a lot of people would agree that it is the food that is served at parties that has the capability to make or break the event. This is where choosing to serve the right frozen desserts can really come in handy. Frozen treats are appreciated by people all over the country and things like ice cream cups, frozen yogurt cups, and gelato cups are appreciated by people of all ages and stripes.

One of the most important reasons why ice cream has reached an unprecedented level of po Continue reading “Serve Ice Cream to Your Guests to Make Your Party Successful”

MicroGreens are an Easy Way to Add Color and Diversity to Your Plate

Vegetables have never been the favorite part of most people’s meals. And if you’re a parent, you know how hard it is to try to get your child to eat just one helping. There’s an easier option for everyone that you may not know about already. They’re called Microgreens, and they’re a smaller form of edible greens. They’re usually produced from young vegetables. Studies even suggest that they may be more healthy for you than regular vegetables.

These organic Micro greens are helpful to both children and adults. Feeding your children a few of these smaller pieces is undoubtedly easier than trying to give them a spoonful of full-sized vegetables. The average size of a Microgreen is only about one to one and a half inches long. This also keeps the risk of your child choking on them down, but if you still want to cut them up you can remove the stem Continue reading “MicroGreens are an Easy Way to Add Color and Diversity to Your Plate”

The Best Wedding Menus Are Simpler Than You Think

Wedding trends cycle in and out of fashion, and these trends include wedding menus as well. Dietary tastes and preferences have evolved over time: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and paleo are some of the popular dietary preferences. Heavier fare such as thick sauces, starchy vegetables and some meats have fallen out of favor. If you are planning your wedding or working with a catering firm or event planner, here are some wedding menu options to consider:

Self-Serve Options

As weddings have become less formal over time, so have wedding dining options. Depending on your tastes and budget, your best wedding menu might include a serve yourself bar featuring salsa and guacamole, a taco station, or other casual self-serve options such as sliders, or even a sundae station. Guests can create their own dishes based on their unique needs and preferences.

Great Gatsby Style

The Gilded Era has come into vogue once again with Great Gatsby-themed weddings and receptions. The di Continue reading “The Best Wedding Menus Are Simpler Than You Think”

Salad Definitions Continue to Expand in High End Restaurants

Your 86 year old dad and his wife may be the only two people you know who still call a simple bowl of iceberg lettuce a salad. The fact that they use an ancient combination shooting and shopping hand held appliance to add slivers of carrots and celery to the bowl is all the extras that they ever need. No organic micro greens for them. No thinly sliced snow peas are needed.
In fact, when your Dad visits your house the salads that you and your daughters prepare often go uneaten except by your husband, yourself, and the girls. Wanting to make sure that you have served something that is appealing to everyone, you have actually gotten in the habit of preparing two different salads. One with iceberg lettuce and and slivered carrots and celery; one full of organic micro greens, radishes, snow peas, and a wide variety of other vegetables that were recently purchased at a local farmer’s market.
The Generational Food Gap Is More Apparent Than Ever
Although their eati Continue reading “Salad Definitions Continue to Expand in High End Restaurants”

The Importance of The Coffee Shop Industry In The United States

For many people, going to a coffee shop is part of a daily or weekly ritual. Many coffee shops offer a variety of products aside from coffee alone, like hot soup and pastry items. Hot soup is particularly appealing to many coffee shop patrons, as hot soup can be the perfect snack or light meal on a cold winter’s day, and the hot soup offered at coffee shops is often homemade and relatively low in price. In fact, hot soup has become so popular throughout the United States that more than thirty percent of all delis are looking to enhance their hot soup offerings and stations, with the total bowls of hot soup consumed by people in the United States exceeding ten billion, with women more likely to consume hot soup than men.

But coffee still remains a hugely important component of many an American day, with thirty percent of the population of the United States drinking coffee on an at least occasional basis, wi Continue reading “The Importance of The Coffee Shop Industry In The United States”

Behind The Love Of Craft Beer In The United States

From getting an insulated stainless steel growler to learning more about a beer carbonation chart (like what it is and how to use it), there are many ways to appreciate beer in the United States. And beer is a well loved beverage in most if not all parts of the United States. Most everyone who is over the age of twenty one (the legal drinking age in the country) has had a beer at some point and though beer can often require some getting used to when it is first experienced, it quickly becomes the choice alcoholic beverage of many people.

In fact, when it comes to choosing an alcoholic beverage, more than forty percent – nearly half – of all adults who are over the age of twenty one will choose to drink a beer (sometimes from an insulated stainless steel growler) in the place of wine or hard liquor (often referred to as spirits.) Among these beer drinkers, an immense amoun Continue reading “Behind The Love Of Craft Beer In The United States”

The Benefits Of Eating Frozen Yogurt Over Ice Cream

There’s no doubt about it that ice cream is a quintessential summer treat for many people living in all parts and places of the United States. From eating ice cream with spoons to licking ice cream from a cone, the vast majority of us who live here have fond memories of ice cream at all times of the year – but particularly on hot summer days. Ice cream – or other frozen treats, such as frozen yogurt cups or gelato – is a decadent treat for people of all ages, and it comes in so many flavors that there is an ice cream out there for everyone. From ice cream parlors to the ice cream cartons we buy from grocery stores and convenience stores, there’s no wrong way to enjoy ice cream.

And people in the United States are well aware of this. In just one year, it is estimated that the average person who is living in the United States will eat ice cream nearly thirty times and that in any period of two weeks, nearly half of all Americans will eat ice cream with spoons or out of a cone at least o Continue reading “The Benefits Of Eating Frozen Yogurt Over Ice Cream”

The Rise In Popularity Of The Craft Beer Industry

For those who love beer, taking home a stainless steel growler for your favorite brewery may be the perfect souvenir. And in America, the majority of people love beer. In fact, nearly half of all Americans that are a legal drinking age or older named beer as their beverage of choice and prefer it over wine or hard liquor. In 2015 alone, more than twenty seven gallons of beer and hard cider combined were consumed throughout the United States and nearly fifteen percent of all Americans claim to enjoy a beer at least once a week, if not even more frequently.

With as much as eighty five percent of all beer in the United States domestically produced, craft breweries selling things such as a stainless steel growler or growler keg have exploded in popula Continue reading “The Rise In Popularity Of The Craft Beer Industry”