Have You Recently Converted to a Vegetarian Diet?

More and more Americans are looking for plant based options to get the protein that they need. As an increasing number of Americans opt for vegetarian and vegan diets, the food industry continues to look for ways to serve plant based options that have the consistency of meat. As a result, plant based pork, vegan friendly meat products and other meat substitutes continue to be developed.

Plant based proteins offer a way for many people to still eat the kind of foods that they want, while still adhering to their vegetarian or vegan principles. In addition to limiting the amount of fat that they eat, people who eat plant based pork and other kinds of meat made from plants play an important role in limiting the carbon footprint that we are making.

Plan Based Meats continue to Grow in Popularity

When was the last time that you felt really good at the end of a meal? As more and more Americans deal with the repercussions of being overweight and struggling to live a healthier life, it should come as no surprise that there is a growing segment of the country who are looking at eliminating meat from their diet. The problem, of course, comes in the fact that everyone needs protein. When you eliminate meat you are faced with the dilemma of finding enough protein to remain healthy and energetic. In response to this need, the global market for meat alternatives is expected to reach a net worth of $5.2 billion by the year 2020.

It may also come as no surprise that limiting the amount of meat that you eat can make you more healthy. In fact, vegetarian men live an average of nine and half years longer than those who eat meat. In comparison, vegetarian women live 6.1 years longer than those who eat meat. Both of these statistics are significant and sometimes play a role in the eating decisions that people make. One of the reasons that this type of diet is so effective is that research indicates that plant based diets can treat several severe health conditions. For instance, plant based diets have been proven to reduce angina attacks by as much as 90% within a few weeks of changing eating habits. If you are afraid to give up the need for a juicy hamburger it might be comforting to know that these plant based choices now include a number of meat substitutes.

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