Using Micro Greens and Edible Flowers to Add to the Flavor of Any Dish

Petite green

While the use of edible flowers as food decoration goes back hundreds of years, micro greens have only recently appeared on the culinary scene. Both are becoming popular in haute cuisine and fine dining establishments, for the ability to deliver an intense punch of flavor as well as their unique and attractive appearance. There are many edible flower and micro green varieties, available from specialist growers.

The art of food presentation
Food doesn?t just have to take good, it also has to look good. That?s a basic rule in fine dining, and many home cooks have adopted it as well. Crystallized flowers and tiny vegetables add an intriguing and tasty touch to any dish. Petite micro greens can even tempt children to try those miniature carrots, or the tiny broccoli or kale. Edible blossoms like crystallized rose petals or violets are always a popular decoration for cakes, cookies and ice cream.
Food presentation is important for a satisfying meal. That?s one reason why people like to share pictures of their meals on social media. In fact, one of the largest groups on the photo sharing site Flickr is called ?I Ate This?. It?s also one of the most active groups, with more than 19,000 members who have shared over 300,000 pictures of attractively presented food and drink.

Using edible flowers and micro greens
Over a hundred types of flowers are edible, and they have been used in cooking for a long time. The practice fell out of favor in the nineteenth century but is making a comeback. Crystallized violets and rose petals are favorite decorations for cakes, ice cream and cookies. Flowers can also be used to give a unique flavor to desserts and baked goods.
Micro green varieties of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, kale and spinach have been around since the mid-80s. They have become popular with chefs in the world of fine dining, for their flavor and attractive appearance.

Where to find micro greens and edible flowers
Many people might think they can just walk into the garden or even the florist?s shop and pick up their food flavorings and decorations. But actually it?s best to get these from a speciality store, which will source them from growers who don?t use harmful chemicals. Store bought flowers may have been fed plant food that can be dangerous for humans.
Micro greens likewise should be obtained from speciality growers. They are familiar with their growth cycle and know exactly when they should be picked for maximum flavor and freshness. Micro greens also need special storage and handling so they don?t spoil on the journey from the greenhouse to your kitchen.

With increasing popular interest in cooking and food presentation, professional cooks and home chefs alike are discovering micro green varieties and edible flowers. These make great food accents, and add a unique flavor to each dish.

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