Trying Hummus for the First Time? Here’s Your Guide to Choosing from the Many Different Types of Hummus

What is hummus

Are you in the mood for a different sort of food that is heart healthy and delivers an adequate source of protein? Do you want something that could be either a snack or a meal? If so, you might want to considering trying hummus. Hummus has very few calories and can be used with pita bread, crackers, vegetables, and other types of food.

What is hummus?
Hummus is a spread or dip made from chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans). The chickpeas get mashed into a smooth spread, and tahini (or sesame paste) and other ingredients, like salt and pepper, are added to give it more flavor. While some easy hummus recipes call for the use of olive oil, lemon juice, and other ingredients, these aren’t requirements to make hummus. Hummus gets its name from the Arabic “hummus bi tahina,” or “chickpeas with tahini,” so this is a;; that is technically required in order to make this food.

What are the different types of hummus available for sale?
In addition to making hummus on your own, you can also buy many different types of hummus in your local supermarket. From roasted garlic hummus dips to spicy hummus spreads, there are all sorts of flavors you can try. Popular additives in hummus include roasted red peppers, lemon, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, chipotles, olives, pine nuts, eggplant, and other vegetables and spices.

What is the difference between hummus spreads and hummus dips?
They’re isn’t one! Hummus can be used as both a spread and a dip. If you see a product labeled as one or the other, it is still a versatile dish that can be used as you see fit. You can dip vegetables or pitas into it or spread it onto a pita or bread to eat as a sandwich.

Do you have more questions about trying hummus for the first time? Would you like suggestions on making or buying hummus? Leave a comment below, or tell us about the different types of hummus that you prefer.

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