Papa’s (and Momma’s) Got a Brand New (Golf) Bag!

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So, you’re getting that someone in your life whom you love a brand new golf bag but you’re not sure exactly what to fill it up with. Well, there are a few pieces of golf equipment that every golfer just cannot play golf without. So, here are the essentials you’ll need to make sure your intended hits the links ready to swing away and yell, “Fore!”

First of all, of course, is the bag itself. It will make a difference if your golfer rides in a golf cart, walks with a push cart, or carries their bag with them as they walk. For any of those cases, there is a bag out there to fit not only the style of carrying but the personality of the player. Once you’ve found the right bag, it is time to fill it with golf clubs and other golf equipment.

Not every golfer plays an entire 18-hole golf course with the same exact type of golf clubs. The size of the individual and the style of their game might lead them to have different types of clubs in their bag. Whatever the player’s style, they can only have as many as 14 clubs in their bag during a round of play. Those are the rules of the game. So, when choosing the golf clubs, you’ll need to know how your player plays and how the clubs will fit the player.

Obviously, golf balls are a must. You can play around of golf without them. When looking for the right golf balls, it’s good to make sure the ones you buy are regulation balls. Many on driving ranges and the like are not regulation golf equipment. Regulation golf balls each have 336 dimples. Don’t worry. There’s no need to count them. The golf balls at a golf equipment store or any golf pro shop will typically be regulation unless otherwise specified.

No golfer wants to get up to the tee box on the first hole and find out they don’t have any tees in their bag. Grab a few small bags of wooden tees and throw them in the side pockets. You can never have enough tees.

After the golf bags, clubs, balls and tees have been decided on, then the added touch might be something like a towel for the side of the bag. It can get warm on the course in the summer, and having a nice towel to wipe your face can really come in handy. Maybe the towel you choose could be a reflection of the person you are giving the golf equipment to. Remember that men are not the only ones to play this game. Golf is played by women as well. In fact, 23% of golfers out there on the course are female and there are towels that can reflect the personalities of both genders equally well.

Golf is a great game. If you don’t play already, why not grab a bag for yourself?

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