How Many Weeks Until Your Big Celebration?

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You have been posing about it for weeks.
Four weeks, in fact.
The social media posts have been telling your friends that you and your boyfriend of four years are traveling to Rome to celebrate his 50th birthday. Behind the social media countdown that you have been posting, however, is another celebration that may be even more important. You have the reservations made and all of the plans are set. During the trip to Paris, the two of you are going to get married in one of the most romantic and unique wedding places in the world.
You will have a big reception when you get back home, but the ceremony will just be the two of you. Your boyfriend, your soon to be husband, has a friend who lives in Rome and that friend and his wife will be the witnesses. And while your friends and family will not be at the ceremony you have hired a photographer and videographer to record the memories.
Are You Looking for a Wedding Location That Is Both Romantic and Unique?
You do not need to travel all of the way to Rome to find the most unique wedding places. In fact, in many towns and cities across America there are beautiful venues that will serve as the perfect setting for your wedding or other celebration. From romantic wedding places out in the country to opulent venues on championship golf courses, you can find many great spots if you take the time to look. By adding your own special touches, in fact, even a place that may seem familiar to some can become a unique and romantic spot.
It should come as no surprise that weddings do not have to be an indoor event. In fact, as many as 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions, according to statistics offered by Hudson Valley Weddings. From barn settings to an orchard that overlooks a large, beautiful valley, rural settings are growing in popularity. The fact that some venues in the middle of town have also been transformed into spaces that combine a beautiful outdoor ceremony venue with a indoor reception area for a dinner and a dance means that sometimes much can be hidden behind even the simplest of appearances.
Today’s average wedding and reception budget currently stands at $28,385. How that nearly 30 thousand is spent, however, varies greatly. From elaborate trips to Rome for a secret service to a local church wedding with a large indoor reception celebration, weddings today are a major event for not only the bride and the groom, but family and friends as well. Finding the most unique wedding places in your area is where you may want to start when you are getting ready for your big day.

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