Homemade Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Trending for Birthday Parties

Colored spoons

One of the best parts of eating ice cream and frozen yogurt is the fact that we never have to outgrow it. Most Americans eat ice cream almost 30 times a year and choose vanilla more than any other flavor, experts report. Frozen yogurt and gelato are also popular: many ice cream stores sell them both in addition to regular ice cream flavors.

Nearly half of all Americans, adults and children alike, consume ice cream on a regular basis. In fact, nine out of every 10 families eat ice cream frequently, even during colder winter months. Many ice cream fans are interested in ordering frozen yogurt supplies and ice cream store supplies, intending to make their own desserts at home.

One of the most fun projects to do at home is to make personalized ice cream cups for home consumption. Frozen yogurt supplies can also be used, and after the ice cream or frozen yogurt is made, berries or chocolate chips can be added to each cup to give every family member his own preferred flavor.

Individual ice cream cups
are also proving to be a hit at larger social occasions like weddings or birthday parties. Vanilla or chocolate can be made and put into paper ice cream cups with lids, and each guest can then customize his cup to taste. Offering a variety of toppings can make any holiday or party a memorable occasion.

Frozen yogurt supplies can be used to make custom frozen yogurt cups for people who prefer fewer calories or a different dessert experience. Plastic tasting spoons can also be ordered when ice cream or frozen yogurt is being produced for a large party.

Older children can help with making the ice cream cups, while younger children might need help picking out their favorite toppings. Ice cream and frozen yogurt remain popular desserts at every time of the year, and including them at a party should make guests happy and looking forward to future social occasions.

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