What Are The Most Essential Frozen Yogurt Supplies?

Drink cups

Americans love frozen treats, and the last 10 years has seen the rise of the first serious challenge to ice cream since, well, ever. Frozen yogurt has quickly become the hot new trend in cold desserts, with thousands of frozen yogurt shops opening all over the country. We already know that Americans eat ice cream about 29 times every year, but with each passing season, frozen yogurt chips away at the ice cream dessert monopoly.

That’s why so many Americans are opening frozen yogurt franchises, or adding frozen yogurt to their restaurant’s offerings. If you’re interested in setting up your own FroYo shop or self-serve station, then you’ll need some basic supplies. Although there’s some overlap between ice cream shop supplies and frozen yogurt supplies, frozen yogurt does require some unique items.

First off, let’s look at some major trends in the dessert industry overall. In recent years, more and more ice cream shops have been producing their own individual serving ice cream cups for sale to go. Because custom printed ice cream cups with lids have never been cheaper to produce, stores are selling their ice cream for customers to take home. Usually, this means ice cream cups with lids that contain company branding and logos.

However, frozen yogurt shops are largely sidestepping this trend, offering instead create-your-own dessert stations for customers to enjoy in-store. So while both ice cream shops and FroYo shops require dessert essentials, like colored spoons, drink cups, mini tasting spoons, and personalized ice cream cups, frozen yogurt supplies require some additional items. For instance, many shops are picking up frozen yogurt cups and dividers, which split the cups into sections. This can allow customers to get more creative when building their own perfect frozen treat, mixing both frozen yogurt flavors and toppings in the same frozen dessert cups.

But like ice cream stores, frozen yogurt franchises are taking advantage of the rise in affordable custom frozen dessert cups with the store name and logo. Although this isn’t necessary for customers to enjoy their delicious dessert, it does help improve branding efforts, a necessity in the crowded FroYo industry.

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