Coffee Why People Drink It

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Coffee. It’s a wonder drug that helps memory, concentration, mood, and much more. It’s consumed by a good percentage of people in the United States, a staple for many, especially at major chains where coffee can be modified and changed with certain ingredients. It’s a fix in America. It’s outpaced all the other drugs in the world.

There are statistics about coffee that are worth noting before starting this article. They are:

  • The average U.S. coffee drinker consumes 3.1 cups per day.
  • 54% of Americans over age 18 drink coffee every day.
  • Studies show that 200 mg of caffeine can help you identify words and phrases faster than you could do without coffee.
  • According to the FDA, the caffeine in coffee is absorbed and circulated within 30 minutes to an hour; its effect can last up to six hours. Coffee enhances the energy levels of your brain, improving concentration and memory retention, leading to better cognitive performance.
  • 46% of U.S. workers say coffee helps them stay productive at work.
  • According to the 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends report, 62% of respondents said they had drunk coffee the previous day.

Coffee can be found at locations around the country. There are big coffee companies like Starbucks that are found within every American city most likely and deliver coffee for millions of Americans. There are smaller coffee shops that serve specialty coffee at a slightly higher price.

Coffee has shown major effects when it comes to memory and concentration. There are many studies that show a person drinking a cup of coffee and having better memory recall when it comes to words or even further, being able to concentrate on particular tasks longer. Generally, these people are more effective at tasks, even job-related tasks.

Coffee beans come from all over the world, with a good amount coming from more temperate climates such as Central and South America, as well as the parts of Africa around the equator. Coffee is often grown by farmers who then sell their coffee beans to large chains or smaller distributors in America.

These farmers in the past were treated less than fairly by some companies and not paid a living wage. This has changed recently with the Fair Trade Act, where individuals are paid a living wage according to the country they are living in. Many coffee companies put this label on their coffee. It is “Free Trade coffee.” Which signifies global citizenship.

There are many ways in which people drink their coffee. Many people prefer their coffee black and like the bitter taste of coffee. Many people drink their coffee with cream or sugar, which turns the black coffee a whiter, creamier taste and appearance. The cream and sugar is often stirred with a wooden stick.

Many people at larger chains order specialty coffee drinks, which are often called “mixed coffee drinks.” The coffee drinks go by names like the Americano or the Frappucino. These coffee drinks are mixed with numerous ingredients, including milk, making them fattening compared to the black coffee.

There are many reasons for this. People prefer their coffee to have flavor, rather than the strict bitterness that the black coffee has. People prefer their coffee to be creamy and tasty, which the mixed drinks have. There are other reasons for this as well. Coffee is supposed to be tasty, or at least it helps. Caffeine is important. Taste is too.

There are many health benefits of coffee. Coffee is known for its mental acuity, increasing memory retention, recall, and concentration. Coffee also can possibly speed up the metabolism and reduce the chances of certain forms of cancer. Coffee is also a stimulant, giving a drinker more energy.

There are many places to drink coffee. Some of the terms include the single cup office coffee, the office coffee vendor, the single cup coffee machine for the office, hotel coffee, hotel coffee machine, hotel coffee supplies, hotel coffee company, coffee company, coffee delivery service, commercial coffee maker, and others.

Specialty coffee is a drink that is often seen in specialty coffee shops. Oftentimes, the beans will be special or different than that seen in a chain like Starbucks. Specialty coffee is often made with darker beans or more flavorful beans. Specialty coffee shops often have beans that are delivered from different locations than a chain.

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