3 Perfect Coffees for the Fall Season

Office coffee delivered

The weather is getting cooler, which means it’s the perfect time for the warm and toasty coffee drinks you can get at your local shop or make right at home.

Just because you’re socially expected to give up your iced latte for something that is more weather appropriate, doesn’t mean you have to opt in for a plain drink. 54% of Americans ages 18 and older say they drink the brew every day, so it’s important to mix up the flavors and pick something with more variety to avoid getting bored.

So, what are some of the best options for the fall season and the cooler weather? Let’s take a look at a few (and don’t worry, we’ll stay away from the pumpkin spice.)

Caramel Coffee

If you love a sweet drink that’ll give you a boost of caffeine that you need to get you through the day, there is no better option that caramel coffee. The caramel flavored drink is not only available in stores, but you can also find it available for your office coffee maker or any hotel coffee machine. This specialty coffee can also be made right at home. To do so, heat water and sugar together until it turns golden brown. You can either pour that mixture into your black coffee or wait until it hardens and break it into pieces in your drink.

Maple Coffee

Maple may sound like an odd choice for the warm drink, but it’s actually a really great option for a fall-themed drink. This super easy drink is made by pouring as much maple sugar as you want into your coffee. If you like the bitter taste of coffee, you can even put some maple extract right into the coffee beans before grinding them.

Almond Coffee

coffee. Sure, hazelnut is a popular option, but don’t forget about almonds! To make this delicious option, grind the nuts into a finely milled blend and add them to your coffee grounds. It’s as easy as that! Just be careful when adding the almonds since they may clog up your filter.

Say goodbye to the iced drinks of the summer and hello to the nutty, warm, and cozy brews of the fall! With so many different options, you have no choice but to avoid the plain drink you’re used to.

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