4 Types of Ice Cream Storage Containers

Ice cream spoons

As a frozen treat vendor or manufacturer, choosing the best container is paramount for the growth and sustainability of your ice cream brand. You need a proper packaging that will reflect the needs, taste, price range and the lifestyle of your consumers.

Here are four ice cream container solutions perfect for a variety of frozen treats, including sorbet, gelato and frozen yogurt.

Single Serve Ice Solutions
Single serve ice cream containers are manufactured in a range of capacity from 2.5 to 12 fluid ounces. These sizes are ideal for most premium frozen desserts that are targeted for the high-end consumers and consumers of all ages. Examples include plastic and paper ice cream cups that come in different designs. Although there are standard storage containers for ice cream, you can get more custom designs that feature your specific brand needs.

Plastic Fluted Cups
Fluted plastic cups are available in a variety of colors to choose from and they fit well even in a small freezer. Most of these ice cream cups are made using hygienic, quality food grade BPA-free polypropylene material. Also, they are safe, convenient and easy to carry, making scooping a breeze. Their simple designs offer a neat platform for spreading brand awareness.

Novelty Packaging Solutions
When it comes to treating the little ones with some tasty frozen desserts, some regular storage solutions are not kid-friendly. For children, you need to think of packaging in the line of sticks, squeeze tubes, mini cones, and other small ice cream containers. For more exciting package appeal, complemented such packages with fan graphics and clear embossed brand messages with matching colored spoons.

Take Out Containers
This type of ice cream containers is ideal to share with friends and family. For brand prominence, you can choose either round or oval shaped containers or better yet, go with a custom design.

Other forms of ice cream storage containers are bulk ice cream containers and cartons. There are optional ice cream cups that comes with a lid and features tight lid snap that prevents spills. Ultimately, you want a storage container that reflects your brand and everything consumers want to see. Lastly, be sure to invest in storage solutions that are practical for varying consumer’s taste and preference.

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