4 Popular Traditional Flavors of Gelato

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Statistics show that 90% of households in the United States regularly eat some type of frozen dessert. While many households consume ice cream or frozen yogurt, gelato has started to gain a lot of momentum in the United States. Gelato is a treat that contains anywhere between 3 to 8% milkfat. You might want to try gelato but are a little confused about which flavors are popular. With that in mind, here is more information about four extremely popular traditional gelato flavors.

  1. Tiramisu

    Tiramisu is a delicious dessert made when ladyfingers are dipped in coffee and layered with a sweet topping. This dessert is quite popular and is one that many people around the world enjoy. Interestingly, tiramisu received its name because it translates to pick me up in Italian. You’ll find that tiramisu gelato is quite a popular flavor, made with the all of the ingredients of the traditional dessert.
  2. Stracciatella

    The name of this gelato flavor might sound odd but it’s actually quite tasty. Stracciatella is the name given to vanilla gelato that is topped with pieces of chocolate. Considering that, the chocolate used to make this frozen treat can vary wildly in terms of intensity and sweetness.
  3. Vanilla

    There’s no doubt that vanilla is one of the most popular frozen treat flavors. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the International Ice Cream flavor that 28% of consumers chose vanilla as their favorite flavor. Considering that, it’s no wonder that many people are grabbing their respective gelato spoons to try the vanilla version of this treat. You’ll find that the vanilla version of this sweet treat has a wide variety of flavors, depending on the intensity of the vanilla used during production.
  4. Pistachio

    You’ve probably tried a pistachio nut in the past. However, you might unaware that pistachio flavored gelato is a very popular treat. It’s common to think that pistachio flavored gelato would be green. However, the exact color and flavor intensity of pistachio flavored gelato depends entirely upon the maker. You may want to use a few sample cups when trying the pistachio flavored version of this treat, as the flavor can be quite strong.

To summarize, there are several traditional gelato flavors that are quite popular. The tiramisu flavor of this delicious treat combines coffee, ladyfingers, cream, eggs, and sugar. Stracciatella is a vanilla flavored gelato topped with pieces of chocolate. Of course, the traditional vanilla gelato is quite popular with many varieties available. The pistachio nut has made its way into gelato, becoming quite a popular flavor.

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