Why LED Lights are Perfect for Your Indoor Hydroponic System

Indoor hydroponic growing systems

When it comes to using an indoor hydroponic system, efficiency is everything. Part of that efficiency comes from the system itself. Ever since researchers in the 18th century discovered that plants can absorb essential mineral nutrients as inorganic ions in water, the demand for efficient indoor grow boxes has increased. Plants in indoor hydroponic systems are grown downward, fed with nutrient rich water instead of soil. That water can then be continually recycled, with the gardener renewing the water’s nutrients every two to three weeks. For gardeners using hydroponic growing kits, their vegetables and plants will grow faster and harvesting is simpler than in traditional growing methods. This efficient and environmentally friendly growing system is great for gardeners at all levels.

However, indoor hydroponic systems also require light in addition to water, and in many cases this lighting is artificial. Although early LED (light emitting diode) bulbs on the market were deemed ineffective for hydroponic growing, today’s LED lights, especially those made for growing, are perfect for grow boxes for a variety of reasons. Check out these advantages for why LED lights are the perfect addition to any indoor hydroponic grow cabinet:

· Heat: Being able to control temperature in your grow cabinet or other hydroponic system is essential for your plants’ growth. By contrast, high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs run at 400 degrees and must be air cooled. Having LED lights is a more efficient method of growing, so you don’t have to run an air conditioner to cool your bulbs. With the energy costs of today, using LED bulbs is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to light your grow box.

· Efficiency: With LED lights, you’ll receive the same quality and quantity with your harvests but use 60% less power than traditional lights. If you previously used HPS bulbs that required cooling, you’ll see additional energy savings because you will no longer require cooling from fans or air conditioners.

· Longevity: High pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs need to replaced at least once per year. Compact fluorescent bulbs are more efficient, requiring replacement every two to three years, but these still won’t hold up in the long run. LED lights are the most long-lasting option, only needing to be replaced once every eight to ten years.

· Simplicity: With LED lights, you won’t need to fuss with multiple bulbs or fixtures in order to dim your lights. LED lights are the only fixture you’ll need for all stages of your plants’ life cycles. These fixtures offer a dimmable and customizable spectrum to properly illuminate your grow box and support your plants’ growth.

If you have additional questions about LED lighting in your indoor hydroponic system, be sure to ask your grow cabinet supplier. Switching to LED lights in your hydroponic setup with save you money and give you the same results you’ve had with more expensive bulbs.

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