Why Hot Soups And Coffees Are The Most Popular Food Items In America

Hot soup container

Everyone is on-the-go. Why not make sure the food and drink they consume can travel with them? The United States is known as one of the busiest countries in the world. People eat while they walk, work while they talk and call while they walk. This means sitting down and slowly enjoying a good coffee is often a luxury and not a reality for many part-time students and full-time workers. This makes a hot soup container or cheap coffee mugs one of the best resources a person with a tight schedule can ask for. They’re not as simple as they sound, however, and need to balance convenience with safety.

How Often Do People Drink Coffee?

A busy life demands caffeine. Americans love their coffee and it’s a common sight to see people with a latte or a mocha in their hand as they go back and forth between work, school and social obligations. Studies have shown a stunning 50% of the population (that’s as many as 150 million Americans!) drink iced or cold coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. Likewise, additional studies have seen 30% of the population drinking coffee on the occasion. The majority of all coffee is consumed during breakfast hours, while another 30% is between meals.

How Is The Coffee Industry Faring?

As you can imagine, the coffee industry is doing quite well. With recent statistics showing that American consumers drink an average of a cup and a half of coffee per day, there’s little stopping this industry from remaining a titan for years to come! The United States imported nearly 27 million bags of coffee just three years ago, accounting for a quarter of global coffee imports. That makes it the world’s largest single buyer. For those curious about fun facts, the majority of drinkers prefer to add sugar or cream at 65%!

What About Soups?

Coffee isn’t the only hot item in town. Hot soups are delicious, healthy and filling way to get nutrition while juggling a dozen necessities. Americans have been found to eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup on an annual basis, with women twice as likely to order soup for lunch (as well as bread or crackers) than men. Just the prior year an impressive 30% of all deli operations planned on either concentrating or enhancing their soup stations to meet demand. At the end of the day, a soup container is just as popular as a coffee cup!

What Are Common Concerns About Hot Food Items?

Safety is a number one concern for handling hot food or drink. While hot soups are delicious and hot coffee is a wonderful tool to get through a tiring morning, they can quickly turn into a disaster if they’re not supported by good quality white paper coffee cups or soup bowls! The average coffee cup size is at around nine ounces and many try to eat or drink even while they’re driving. While safety on the road is another can of worms entirely, go the extra mile and make sure nobody is burning their tongue or spilling their food while traveling.

What Items Should My Store Always Stock?

Containers for hot soups and disposable paper cups make the world go ’round. Stirrers are useful for people who want to add a dollop of sugar or cream in their coffee, while plastic spoons and napkins should always be provided for hot soups. Lids are especially useful for those that take their lunch in their car or on the bus, to boot, and personalized disposable coffee cups come in a variety of sizes to match any customer’s needs. Specialty coffees represent nearly 40% of American coffee cups and are still considered the highest quality in the world. Let’s make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and raring to go no matter the day of the week!

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