Where and How to Use Wood Paneling

Restaurants, diners, bars, and similar establishments need a number of moving parts in place so that they can run well, from a professional and motivated (and friendly) staff to a good menu or drink list all the way to the furniture and decoration inside the establishment. The interior decor may vary in taste and style based on the theme of the establishment or the intended tone or level of formality. A bar in a rural town, for example, will hardly use the same reclaimed wood paneling or reclaimed wood tables type as an upscale diner in a city like Chicago. On the topic of wood: wood today is still as vital a construction material as ever, and it can often perform functions or provide certain aesthetic that other materials like metal or plastic can’t match. This will factor into how a bar, restaurant, or diner manager will decorate and furnish the interior, and reclaimed wood paneling, reclaimed table tops, and other environmentally friendly materials not only ease strain on forests, but also can be bought for a fair price and can be very attractive and durable pieces of furniture. This extends to wood paneling on the walls, which may be popular in bars; reclaimed wood paneling or wood siding can be a great choice for these establishments, and rustic table tops or a reclaimed wood seat may work well for a bar as well. Other, more posh locations can also use reclaimed wood, but might decorate it differently.

Wood in Construction

For millennia, wood has been central to constructing nearly everything from ships and canoes to buildings, tools, furniture, and even weapons. Today, steel, glass, and plastic have replaced wood for many jobs such as constructing ships or large buildings, but wood still has a time-honored place in modern construction, such as farm buildings, suburban homes, and definitely furniture for a home. National Geographic has estimated that as much as 30% of the world’s landmass is covered by forests, and hardwood and softwood species alike are put to good use for construction of all kinds. In fact, wood can lend a building a charming and old-fashioned look that many homeowners may find refreshing, and the rustic, practical look of the colonial days or Wild West often capture the imagination of American homeowners today. Pinterest research show that keywords searches related to farmhouse styles, such as “herringbone wood patterns,” went up 131% in the year 2018. Interior styles such as Mission style may be popular for homeowners who are remodeling the interior of their house, and a wooden deck can be a popular feature to add to backyard landscaping. Wood is a classic material for bed frames, armoires, dressers, and of course, tables and chairs, and even TV stands or bookshelves. Cherry is a popular hardwood species in North America, and ever since the 1600s, this wood has proven popular for carpentry from the colonial days to today.

At a Restaurant

Wood has its place in the public sphere, too, and is a classic material for decorating and furnishing a diner, restaurant, or bar. Different styles of wood and aesthetics can be used based on an establishment’s budget and intended tone. A bar, as mentioned above, may use reclaimed wood paneling for its walls, a soft but solid look that many patrons may like or even come to expect. Reclaimed wood paneling can work in country-style restaurants that offer a rustic look, and this can match other interior decor such as checkered tablecloths, reclaimed wood tables, or even a jukebox. Other, more upscale establishments like a fine diner in Chicago or New York City will probably not use the reclaimed wood paneling that one may find in a bar, but rather more refined wood panels or wallpaper for the walls, and the chairs and tables will have different woods and aesthetics. The chairs may be high quality hardwood polished and darkened to a glossy and elegant color, and these seats may have leather padding on them, and the tables may be made of similar wood, complete with lace tablecloths. But in any case, wood can set the tone for an establishment as well as give patrons somewhere to dine.

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