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Are you looking for a unique and exciting gift to give this holiday season? If so, you may want to consider gourmet cookie baskets! They are a thoughtful and delicious gift that everyone enjoys receiving. Here are a few fun facts to know about giving gourmet cookie baskets:

1. Americans Love Cookies – Whether its chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, oatmeal raisin or just plain sugar cookies we love them all. In fact, studies show that cookies are consumed in nearly all (95.2%) of American households. Different family members love different types of cookies so you’ll know that when you send gourmet cookie baskets as holiday gifts you’ll be making everyone happy!

2. Gifts For The Whole Office – Gourmet cookie baskets also make great corporate business gifts because they can be sent in a variety of sizes. In America alone we consume over 2 billion cookies a year, so there’s a good chance that several people at the office you’d be sending to will like the treat! Sending corporate cookie gift boxes or baskets are a great way to brighten someones day and let your clients know that you value them.

3. Gourmet Cookie Subscriptions – Another delicious gift option this holiday season is a gourmet cookie subscription. This type of gift is perfect for your friend or family member with a sweet tooth. In most subscriptions the recipient will get a different type of gourmet cookie each month sent in a nice box. Often times the boxes will have a theme such as the method of cookie preparation. Some examples of that are: drop, molded, pressed, refrigerated, bar, or rolled. Cookie subscriptions give your loved one something to look forward to every month!

So now that you’re craving a cookie go ahead and start making your holiday gift list. You may be surprised to see who on that list would love a gourmet cookie basket or subscription this year. Find more on this here.

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