What to Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue

A part just as important as the ceremony itself, the reception is the life of the party on the biggest day of your life. Finding the right wedding reception venue is essential to having the perfect day, as well as the perfect marriage.

Start by analyzing the cost. How much do you and your partner have allotted for the event? Plan the budget for the entire day, then after determining how much should be spent on the ceremony, determine how much you would like to spend on the reception.

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Picking the venue is typically the biggest when planning the reception. Each venue comes with pros and cons as well. Does the venue provide food, or do you have to hire a carter? Will the venue allow for drinking, or will there be an open bar service if they do? these are things that can vary the cost of the event dramatically. The venue also needs enough space to hold everyone you invited, with room for dancing, and in some cases dining and socializing as well. Will the venue provide a dance floor, tables to eat, and chairs for people to relax? these are important questions to ask.

For additional information on choosing the right wedding venue, please review the attached video.


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