What is Guacamole and How is it Made?

Guacamole recipe

Most people are familiar with guacamole as a side or garnish when a Mexican dish is purchased at a restaurant. Some people want to know what is guacamole? Guacamole is a type of dip that is created for both Mexican and American cuisine. Originally, guacamole was created by the Aztecs. This means that recipes with guacamole have been part of the Mexican heritage for a very long time. Guacamole is created by mashing up ripe avocados and mixing the green paste with lemon juice, salt, and a variety of spices. Sometimes, guacamole is mixed with yogurt to give it a smoother texture. Garlic, onion, and tomatoes are common ingredients that are added to guacamole as well.

Many recipes using guacamole have been created to utilize the creamy consistency and light flavor that avocados provide. Classic guacamole recipes use very few ingredients to make the dip, but guacamole has been found to have a great versatility when forming both American and traditional Mexican meals. Most people consider guacamole as a nice dip to add along with fresh salsa and tortillas chips. This can be great for parties, appetizers, or a fresh snack for kids at home.

When someone asks what is guacamole they will find that guacamole is not only delicious, but its nutrition indicates that the dip is very healthy. Guacamole is low in saturated fat and high in potassium. Potassium is a great nutrient to regulate blood pressure and keep cholesterol low. A good deal of dietary fiber is contained in guacamole and so is folate. The avocados in the guacamole also provide an ample amount of vitamin C in the diet. Guacamole is somewhat calorie dense though, so it is best to watch portion sizes. There are about 150 calories in each serving of guacamole. Although this is true, guacamole can be quite filling as a snack.

People what ask the question what is guacamole should look to make their own guacamole recipes at home. Guacamole is easy to make after cutting an avocado in half. The large seed needs to be released from the avocado and the vegetable should be cut into small squares or chunks. After cutting is complete, a food processor or a fork can be used to mash the avocado. Seasonings can be added until the taste of the guacamole is perfect. Lemon juice should always be added to the guacamole when fresh guacamole dips are created to keep the dip from spoiling.

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