Top Three Things that Set Pubs Apart from Cheap Bars

American craft beers

When you hear people talking about pubs, what first comes to mind? For many, a pub seems like just another place to go and buy drinks. However, this narrow definition is certainly not an accurate one. Pubs serve many more functions than just a drink outlet; in fact, it is more accurate to think of a pub as a craft beer restaurant. Here are three things that set these craft beer restaurants apart from common bars:

1. Alcohol

Any bar sells alcohol; that is just a given. Pubs offer a lot more than just cheap beer though. It’s common for pubs to offer anything from those beers, to wines, spirits, and even soft drinks. The sort of variety that craft beer pubs offer is a large part of its appeal; to compare craft beer bars to normal bars is to overlook even the most basic element that defines a bar.

2. Food

The differences between pubs and normal bars extends to more than their good craft beers though; these pubs are also nice dining restaurants. In fact, Esquire Magazine ranks pubs like the Dead President’s Pub among its top restaurants in America. One doesn’t even necessarily visit a pub to get drunk; due to the fine dining available, these craft beer restaurants are ideal sites for social gatherings and dates. This variety is part of what makes the pubs in any given nation a multi-million dollar industry.

3. Culture

Finally, these pubs are more than mere bars because of the cultural heritage they represent. In Britain, Ireland, and Australia, pubs are a historical feature in any town and a traditional place to spend time. That is why British-themed pubs are so popular in places like far-away Florida and California; no matter where they go, these British folk can get a taste of their homeland via pubs. Why have you visited a pub recently? For more about this, go here: Caterers in wilmington de

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