Three Delicious Recipes Using Freeze Dried Fruit

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Freeze dried fruits are delicious in their own right, but have you ever considered using them in a recipe? Here are a few great concoctions you can make with freeze dried fruits!

A Chicken Rub.

Believe it or not, the tangy taste of fruit can help bring out meats’ true flavor. For a good chicken rub that will make your poultry all the more tasty, get some freeze dried apples, salt, and fresh ground black pepper. Blend the freeze dried fruit into a powder, and then add the salt and pepper to create an interesting rub for your chicken.


Blend freeze dried fruit into a powder, as mentioned in the previous recipe, and then add it to a premade muffin mix. This will help make your breakfast treats even better than they were before. It also gives you the chance to make some interesting combinations, too. For instance, try adding freeze dried strawberries to banana nut muffins. Whichever freeze dried fruit you choose, you’re almost guaranteed success.


For this you’re going to need one cup of steel cut oats, three cups of water, and half a cup of your favorite freeze dried fruit — strawberries work well, but your options are limited only to what kind of freeze dried fruits you can get. Put the oats and the water into a pot and bring it to a medium heat. Simmer it, stirring occasionally. Once the oats soften and the liquid thickens, add whatever flavorings you’d like, like sugar or butter. Continue to simmer and stir until it’s the desired texture, and consistency. Then, add your freeze dried goodies in and et voila.

For more recipes and ideas, check out what other goods wholesale freeze dried food suppliers have available. If you have any questions about these freeze dried fruit recipes, feel free to ask in the comments. Find more on this here.

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