The Joys Of Mexican Cooking

If you don’t know the difference between flour and corn tortillas, you probably have not experienced authentic Mexican cuisine. Fortunately, however, Mexican food is becoming more and more popular all across the United States, with many different cuisines incorporating aspects of Mexican dishes and Mexican food. Tex-Mex is a particularly well known example of this fusion, which first occurred in the 1940s. It represents an integration of Mexican and Texan cuisines and has become a style of cooking in its own right. By 2011, there were nearly 40,000 Mexican restaurants spread around the United States and even more that incorporated some aspect of Mexican cooking, like the difference between flour and corn tortillas. In fact, nearly seventy million restaurants have currently incorporated a burrito as part of their menu and ten percent of all restaurants in America, even ones not solely devoted to Mexican food and the difference between flour and corn tortillas, serve Mexican food in some capacity.

Mexican cooking or cooking with influences from Mexican cuisine is becoming more and more commonplace in households throughout the United States as well. In fact, salsa has become the most popular condiment in the country, more popular even than such well known American staples like mayo and ketchup. Tortillas have even begun to outsell hot dog buns, and the difference between flour and corn tortillas is becoming more and more well known. More than seventy percent of all people in the United States incorporate at least one ingredient or aspect of Mexican cooking into their pantries and home cooked meals. Though the best Mexican food is typically found in authentic Mexican restaurants across the country, the American people are becoming more and more skilled in cooking dishes from other cultures and cuisines.

Much of this new exploration into different types of the cuisines comes from the desire of many Americans to branch out their culinary experiences and try new as well as bold flavors. Mexican food provides many such flavors, from mole sauce, which comes in up to seven different varieties depending on the region of origin, to burritos and tostadas. The difference between flour and corn tortillas is a small one, but it to can have an impact on the overall flavor of a dish.

Mexican restaurants have become some of the most popular culinary institutions in the United States, ranging from Mexican fusion cuisine to an authentic Mexican restaurant. Mexican cooking techniques as well as ingredients that are Mexican of origin can be combined and used to create new and exciting flavors, as well as bold traditional ones that have been staples in Mexico, and now the United States, for many years. The benefits of the spread of Mexican cuisine are vast, from new experiences in flavor to a wider variety of cooking techniques that are commonly used. People all across the United States enjoy Mexican food on a regular basis, even if they don’t know the difference between flour and corn tortillas.

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