The Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood

Wood plays a very important role in the world, and particularly here in the United States. Wood is not only used for many different functional purposes, but can be used for the purpose of desrign and decoration as well, such as can be seen in the ever growing use of reclaimed table tops like the barnwood table top and reclaimed wood siding. Wood can provide an easy way to achieve a rustic look, a trend that has only continued to grow all throughout the country, popular in weddings, home decor, and the decoration of commercial spaces (such as restaurants) as well.

However, it is hugely important to only use wood responsibly like in the barnwood table top. As you probably already know, wood comes from trees, and trees provide us with oxygen. When we cut down too many trees, we are opening ourselves up to any number of problems, from reducing the amount of oxygen that is put out in the world to disrupting the natural ecosystem of a forest, a rainforest, or another area of land. As some trees can take as many as sixty full years until they are completely matured and considered ready to be cut down, it is important to use our resources sparingly, or else it is all too likely that we will run out of many of the resources that we so very much are in need of. And many people feel that we have already been cutting down too many trees, with as many as three trillion board feet of lumber milled since the year of 1900, just over one hundred years before our current date.

It is also true that wood for all purposes, from a barnwood table top to wood siding to the wood that is used for building and in construction sites, is all too often wasted during the process of construction. Unfortunately, this can be inevitable when wood is one of the primary materials that is used in any given construction site, and it is estimated that as much as thirty percent of the waste that remains when a construction project is finished is wood.

It is clear that waste in general is a problem here in the United States (as well as in many other places all around the world), especially when it comes to the waste of wood. But what can we do, when wood has become so essential to our lives? For one, using reclaimed wood like the barnwood table top, such as for reclaimed table tops, is a very viable option, and one that can significantly reduce your overall environmental footprint on the world. And reclaimed wood can be used for a number of construction and practical purposes, from the building of reclaimed table tops to reclaimed wood paneling. Both of these, the barnwood table top and reclaimed wood paneling, among other uses of reclaimed wood, can be ideal for building the perfect rustic environment. A rustic environment can be ideal for your personal home but it can also be a great atmosphere for a restaurant as well, as people often associate rustic design and decoration, such as with reclaimed table tops, with coziness and comfort.

And the use of reclaimed wood, such as can be seen in the use of reclaimed table tops like the barnwood table top, is already making an impact and is growing in popularity as a way to get the perfect look and ambiance while still remaining environmentally friendly. In the year of 2015 alone, more than two and half million wood pallets were recycled. In the three or so years that have passed us by since, this number has only continued to grow as the push for the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) has become even stronger. And using reclaimed wood such as in reclaimed table tops not only saves wood, but saves energy, as processing reclaimed wood (such as what will be used for reclaimed table tops or for flooring) will take as much as ten times LESS of the energy than the energy that would have needed to have been expended in the creation of products from brand new wood that had never been used before.

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