Save Your Equipment, Come up With a Tailored Maintenance Program

Commercial kitchen repair

All over the world, the hospitality industry plays a key role in a country’s economy. The United Kingdom’s hospitality industry generates an estimated £53 billion annually in revenue. It is important to for companies within the hospitality industry to have tailored maintenance programmes in place to ensure the long life of your catering equipment.

Catering equipment repair is vital to any business that offers food service. Regular maintenance on gas stoves and freezers will save your food and save you money in the long term. Commercial freezers should be cleaned and checked for adequate temperature each month to avoid costly damage, and spoiled food.

Gas commercial ovens should be cleaned on a regular basis for safety reasons. The pilot lights often accumulate build up that should be removed on a monthly basis. In order to give your customers and insurers peace of mind, make sure to have a commercial gas safety certificate. This certificate can be provided for a number of businesses including restaurants, hotels and factories.

Catering equipment maintenance is essentially for the long term success of your business. A commercial fridge should have their door seals checked on a regular basis. If a fridge door does not seal correctly, this could be a sign of damage to the structure.

Refrigeration is a key aspect for any catering company. Having a high quality well maintained fridge is essential for ensuring the quality of the food, and meeting food safety laws adequately. A problem with commercial refrigeration equipment could cost your business thousands of dollars.

Tailored maintenance programmes on your equipment, whther it is a commercial oven or refrigeration is key within the hospitality industry. The best way to keep your equipment running cleanly is to have routine maintenance, depending on the piece of equipment. Find what is best for you, and focus on growing your business.

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