Quiz What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?

Cups for ice cream

MMM… Ice cream, the world’s greatest dessert. On your way to go grab a cone and need some inspiration on what to get, take this quiz to see what flavor speaks to you! With over 1.5 billion gallons of this sweet stuff produced in the United States every year, where do you fit in?

Pick your dream vacation:

A. Paris

B. A roadtrip on Route 66

C. Hawaii

Describe your personal style:

A. All black everything

B. White top, blue jeans, sneakers

C. Anything bright colored and printed

When you were younger, you wanted to grow up and be:

A. A fashion editor/model

B. A teacher

C. A veterinarian

What’s your favorite kind of music?

A. Jazz

B. Top 40 hits

C. Any music I can dance to

Your friends might describe you as:

A. Calm, cool and collected

B. Dependable and loyal

C. The life of the party

Your favorite ice cream topping:

A.Plain in a cone

B.Rainbow sprinkles

C.I only like sundaes

Mostly As: Chocolate gelato

You are the well spoken fashionista of your friend group! You have an air of class about you, just how gelato contains 30% air making it light and fluffy!Your typical order includes a double scoop in a sugar cone, and you usually grab one of those endearing bright colored little gelato spoons to steal a bite off your partner’s. On an average night we can find you taking a stroll hand in hand, taking in the world slowly.

Mostly Bs: Soft Serve Twist

A tried and true American favorite, chocolate and vanilla twist can be found at any of the 2,582 frozen yogurt and ice cream parlors around the country. You are everyone’s best friend, and you are easy to get along with and reliable. The simple pleasures of life bring you joy, and you are pretty set in your ways. Only rainbow sprinkles for you, chocolate or mint wont cut it.

Mostly C: Anything fruity and different

We have a firecracker here on our hands! You are a bubbly talkative friend who can get along with anybody you come across. You aren’t afraid to take risks, and see each day as a challenge to try the bolder things in life! A cone or a dish isn’t good enough for you, you must have as many toppings and flavors that can fit in the bowl! Whether its been pineapple ice cream with hot fudge, strawberries, nuts and pistachios, or cotton candy with butterscotch, brownies and candy, you are willing to try it all!

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