Quiz A Teenage Girl’s Guide to Choosing the Best Party Theme

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How would you describe your personal style?
A. Glitzy and glamorous
B. Elegant and classic
C. Bohemian and laid back
D. Unique and unexpected

Which of these color schemes would you pick?
A. Black, red, silver
B. Ivory, pale pink, gold
C. Soft blue, tan, muted tones
D. Bright purple, green and orange

On Halloween, you might be seen dressed as:
A. Marilyn Monroe
B. A princess
C. A 1960s hippie
D. Something scary

You want your party to be:
A. All about you!
B. A way to enjoy the company of your closest friends
C. A time to enjoy good music and good vibes
D. A crazy party with fun activities for everyone

Mostly A?s — Movie Premier/Hollywood theme:
What better way to celebrate the day that?s all about you than with a celebrity party theme? Roll out the red carpet and put on your favorite dress to recreate the feeling of a Hollywood movie premier event. Decorate your party space with fun film equipment like movie reels, clapboards, and director?s chairs to bring a touch of old Hollywood to your special day. Make your own Walk of Fame by recreating those illustrious stars with the names of your favorite celebrities or party guests. Here?s another fun tip: encourage your guests to come dressed as their favorite movie star for the ultimate premier experience!
Mostly B?s ? Victorian Tea Party:
You?re never too old for a tea party! If you admire the classic elegance of the bygone Victorian era, an intimate tea party is the perfect way to enjoy the company of your closest friends and feel like royalty. When decorating, think soft pastel colors, delicate lace and floral patterns. Serve a variety of tea sandwiches, little chocolates, or scones and crumpets for the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon tea.
Mostly C?s ? 1960s Music Festival theme:
Jam out to your favorite tunes with a 1960s hippie themed party! Gather the good vibes of Woodstock for a far out celebration. Plaster your party space with all of the iconic memorabilia from the decade: tie dye, daisies, peace signs, and old vinyl records will transport your guests back in time. Get out your bell-bottom jeans for a truly groovy party!
Mostly D?s ? Alice in Wonderland theme:
Have you gone mad? Well that?s okay, all the best people are! Celebrate your birthday with a zany wonderland theme. You can have a blast decorating for this theme. Focus on bright colors, swirly patterns, and classic imagery from the movie like bright flowers, pocket watches and toadstools. Have your guests come in their craziest, mismatched outfits for an added element of fun.

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