Peanut Oil Uses To Simplify Your Life and Get Back to What’s Natural

Peanut cholesterol percentage

There are a lot of things to love about peanuts. From salad and ice cream toppings to healthy snacks to munch on their own, peanuts provide the perfect bit of flavor and crunch that you look for in a snack. But not only are they a delicious, high protein snack, but the health benefits of peanuts are matched if not eclipsed by the multiple uses that have been applied using peanuts and peanut products. We have Dr. George Washington Carver to thank for many of these uses. The man known as the peanut wizard in the early 20th century spent his time discovering as many different ways to use the peanut as he could. And the peanut wizard did quite well, as he was able to come up with more than 300 ways to use the peanut!

The vast and varied types of peanut oil uses

Every year, people across the country consume around 700 million pounds of peanut butter, one of the most popular ways to make use of the peanut. Yes, peanuts are a great snack, and healthier than most of the processed or synthetic snacks on the shelves today. In fact, just a single ounce of raw peanuts contains more than two grams of dietary fiber and over seven grams of protein. But snacking on peanuts by the handful or putting peanut butter on some of your favorite snacks are not the only ways to enjoy the lovely legume. There are multiple peanut oil uses as well.

    The wonderful versatility of organic peanut oil

  • Cooking with peanut oil
    Perhaps the most obvious of peanut oil uses, cooking with peanut oil provides many health benefits. It has been found that using peanut oil to cook with can help with cholesterol and keeping your heart healthy, along with easing digestive issues.
  • Peanut oil for hair and skin

    When peanut oil is applied to the skin, it can help with everything from dry skin, including dandruff, to joint pain. For hair use, it helps to repair split ends, and because of the high protein content, it can help to maintain your hair’s protein levels, regenerate damaged hair or split ends, and even in some cases thicken your hair.
  • A natural cleaning solution
    Staying on top of the cleanliness can be overwhelming at times, especially when most cleaners are full of harsh chemicals that you would rather not breathe. Many of these major cleaning solutions include peanut oil, and you can use the oil on its own to attack some messes, such as sticky residue such as that left by glue or a sticker.
  • Polish up your furniture
    Combining some peanut oil with a bit of lemon juice, you will be able to come up with a fresh smelling polish that gets the job done. And just like the peanut oil solution for a general cleaning solution, your senses won’t be bombarded by those harsh chemicals.

Peanuts and peanut products have a lot to provide for us. And as we continue to innovate, we may see George Washington Carver’s successor develop even more uses for the peanut and many other natural occurring elements. As long as we create a balance of what we use from the earth and what we give back to it, there should be no limit to the things we can learn to use and develop.

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