Opening a Juice Bar – Squeezing Flavor and Health Into Your Diet

Fresh fruit, and the nutrients and vitamins they contain, are sometimes neglected in the average adult American’s diet. Roughly 70% of Americans fail to consume the amount of fruits and vegetables that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans set, but getting this nutrition can be delicious and savory, and definitely healthy. Opening a juice bar can make nutrition fast and tasty in a glass.

The benefits of juicing can serve the adult human body in many ways. One serving of 100% orange juice (100 ml) contains vitamins C and A, in addition to potassium, magnesium, and fiber, among others. In fact, just one serving of orange juice is 200% of your body’s vitamin C needs for an entire day! Athletes and other physically active adults can turn to unsweetened pineapple juice for its anti-inflammatory enzyme, bromelain. Fresh fruit juice of any kind, as well as vegetables, lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes, according to U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

Any fruit juice maker or commercial juice machine can make this health boost fast and easy. Average consumers can purchase a machine for fresh fruit juice at home and experiment with all kinds of flavors and serving sizes. Businesses big and small can install juice bar equipment or smoothie bar equipment at a gym, high school, restaurant, or even in a food truck. Gym users and athletes would appreciate a cold, sweet drink after working out or practicing sports, and fruit juice at a restaurant or food court could go with all kinds of meals and snacks. These commercial juice machines, like private consumers, can toy with different combinations of fresh fruits, from grapefruit to apple to strawberry, and invent brand-new recipes for their primary demographic, the Millenials. Those aged 23-35 are often looking for inventive fresh fruit juice recipes or cocktails, and commercial juice machines, in the right hands, can profit from this market and put nutrition into young adults’ bodies, one glass at a time.

Opening a juice bar for weightlifters or making creative juice cocktails for Millenials isn’t the only option for nutrition. Most juice makers can extract liquid from several common fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit. A commercial juice machine, and the drinks it offers, isn’t limited to restaurants or cafes. With the variety of fruit it can extract juice from, it can be used in the Caribbean (where grapefruit juice is popular in cocktails), or hospitals and nursing homes, to provide nutrition for patients. In addition, supermarkets have the potential to offer fresh-squeezed orange juice in quart and half-gallon bottles, as opposed to watered-down juices in cartons or juice from concentrate, or drinks that have very little actual fruit juice in them. This spreads the benefit of juicing to the masses who visit supermarkets, and they can put some sweet, nutritious drinks in their diet at their convenience.

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