MicroGreens are an Easy Way to Add Color and Diversity to Your Plate

Vegetables have never been the favorite part of most people’s meals. And if you’re a parent, you know how hard it is to try to get your child to eat just one helping. There’s an easier option for everyone that you may not know about already. They’re called Microgreens, and they’re a smaller form of edible greens. They’re usually produced from young vegetables. Studies even suggest that they may be more healthy for you than regular vegetables.

These organic Micro greens are helpful to both children and adults. Feeding your children a few of these smaller pieces is undoubtedly easier than trying to give them a spoonful of full-sized vegetables. The average size of a Microgreen is only about one to one and a half inches long. This also keeps the risk of your child choking on them down, but if you still want to cut them up you can remove the stem or leaves. They can also have different textures compared to the regularly-sized vegetables which might make them more appealing to your children as well.

And aside from getting your children interested in vegetables, there are other uses for microgreens as well. The addition of these into your own diet can help you be a little healthier too. This may include adding various microgreens to salads for added nutrition, or using them as edible decorations when it comes to plating. If you’ve been to a fine dining establishment within the past decade you’ve probably seen them used as just that to enhance the visual appeal of the dish. Organic micro greens are visually appealing and chefs use that to their advantage in their kitchens.

And microgreens are more than just vegetables. They can be flowers or other herbs as well. So if you’ve ever seen a beautiful cake with edible flowers or crystalized flower petal decorations, then you’ve seen these specialty produce products in action. This means that all sorts of chefs and cooks can make use of these products because of their versatility in the kitchen. And if you try them, you might think the exact same thing.

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