Irish Coffee Chain Builds an IT Center in the Honduran Community That Supplies Their Coffee Beans

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Coffee shop franchise opportunities have long been considered one of the most successful business ideas available in the modern market. After all, coffee shops currently have a 7% global growth rate, making them one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However, your local espresso mobile cafe isn’t just flourishing financially; it is also helping to promote business in emerging markets like Colombia, Brazil and Vietnam. But while the coffee industry alone is extremely helpful to many areas of the world that lack other opportunities, some coffee franchises take this aspect of their business even further. Take the Irish coffee chain Ground Espresso, for example, which is raising money to help improve educational opportunities in the Honduran community that grows its coffee beans.

Ground Espresso, which has 14 locations scattered around Northern Ireland, uses around 20 tons of coffee from the Capucas region of Honduras every year. For this reason, the company was determined to make sure that the people who supported their business on the most basic level were being treated fairly. According to Darren Gardiner, Ground Espresso’s co-founder, the community told them that the best way they could help was to focus on educational prospects in the region; three-quarters of the Capucas area is reportedly illiterate and has few resources available to change that.

As a result, Ground Espresso is currently working to raise money to build an IT center in the area, which will feature 12 computers and two teachers to help educate local residents. To raise the $20,000 necessary to fund the venture, the company plans to hold a number of events at their stores, including latte art competitions, until it reaches its goal.

While it is rare to find a business that helps promote disadvantaged communities, coffee shops and espresso mobile cafes have provided a way for emerging and third world markets to join the global marketplace for years. As a result, if you are looking for a business that allows you to succeed while also offering a hand to those who need it, coffee franchise opportunities like espresso mobile cafes might be the right choice for you. Check out some franchise systems in your area today!

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