Hummus Should be Go to Snack For Your Next Party

Roasted garlic hummus dip

The time has come for you to host the annual game night. As for menu ideas, you know the pressure is on to find the one snack everyone will enjoy. If you are looking for intriguing hummus recipes, check out salsa brands for unique menu ideas.

Hummus is an Arabic word meaning “chickpeas,” and the complete name of the dip most Americans know as “hummus,” in Arabic, is “hummus bi tahini” meaning “chickpeas with tahini”. Hummus dips can be scooped with a flat bread, like a pita. It can also be served with potato chips or tortilla chips. Garnishes can include chopped tomato, cucumber and sauteed mushrooms. There are a variety of creative ways to serve hummus. The Guinness World Record for the largest dish of hummus ever prepared included 8 tons of boiled chick peas, 2 tons of tahini, 2 tons of lemon juice and 154 lb of olive oil.

Hummus is a healthy and nutritious and can be served in a variety of meals including appetizers, breakfast and dinner. Hummus contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. Hummus recipes are high are high in Vitamin C and Iron and significant amounts of Folate and Vitamin B6. The health benefits of hummus have helped it become one of the more popular foods in the United States. According to market research conducted in 2010, hummus consumption in the US has increased by 35% over a period of 21 months, with sales reaching nearly $300 million.

Hummus has played an important role in cuisine throughout the world. The earliest known recipes using hummus are recorded in cookbooks published in Cairo in the 13th century. In October 2008, the Association of Lebanese Industrialists petitioned the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade for protected status from the European Commission for hummus as a uniquely Lebanese food. Americans willingness to try ethnic food helped it become a staple of parties throughout the United States. By the end of the 20th century hummus had emerged as an important part of the American diet.

If you want ideas on how to liven up your party snacks, check out leading salsa brands for recipes. There are a lot of ways to serve hummus, including as a meal or just as an appetizer. If you want to impress everyone at your next party, learn about recipes using hummus. Reference links:

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