How to Throw a Proper Ice Cream Party this Summer

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Everyone loves ice cream. Well, maybe not technically everyone, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t at least enjoy the occasional frozen dessert now and then. In general, ice cream is a big hit among most humans (and non-humans alike). In fact, according to the NPD (National Purchase Diary), 40% of Americans eat ice cream in any two-week period. And 90% of U.S. households regularly consume a frozen treat of some kind.

Ice cream is such a popular food item that it seems like a given that a party based around ice cream would be guaranteed to bring in several people. So if you’re looking to throw a party and really want it to be a hit, consider throwing an ice cream party! But before you start inviting people to this sweet event, it’s important to make the proper preparations. Here are the steps to take if you want to plan a truly delicious, successful ice cream party.

Planning the Type of Ice Cream Party

There’s a difference between a party that serves ice cream and a party centered around ice cream. A veritable ice cream party requires an aesthetic that matches the theme. This means that everything from the invitations to the table setting should be ice cream themed. In addition, there should be a wide variety of ice cream flavors and types for people to try. The party could be similar to a wine tasting, where each person spends their time trying several samples of different ice cream flavors rather than choosing a single flavor to indulge in. Or, the party could be centered around making ice cream. In this case, knowledge of the right methods, equipment, and ingredients will be necessary for making the party a success.

Get your Ice Cream Party Supplies

Once you have an idea of how many people you wish to invite to the event as well as what type of party you’re throwing, it’s time to start gathering the proper supplies. If you’re planning on a large gathering, buying in bulk is the way to go. Visit a nearby store that provides items such as plastic spoons, disposable ice cream cups, and other basic supplies, or shop online and make sure everything can be delivered in time. If your party is going to be more customized and special, consider looking into places that sell colored spoons and custom ice cream cups. It’s even possible to have a logo, brand, or message imprinted onto your ice cream cups to make the party distinct and cohesive.

Even more crucial than the non-food materials, of course, is the ice cream itself. Decide whether you’re planning on buying from a local vendor, a grocery store, a larger company, or if you’re going to purchase your own ingredients to make your own ice cream. If the latter is the case, then be sure to calculate how much of each ingredient will be necessary to provide enough for the number of guests attending.

Finding the Space and Location

It can be easy to overlook just how much space is needed for a large ice cream gathering, not only in terms of hosting the guests but also in terms of storing the ice cream and supplies. A good amount of freezer space will be necessary to properly store the ice cream. It may be necessary to invest in additional cooler storage to ensure the party doesn’t devolve into a sweet, sticky, mess.

After you track down the proper storage space for your supplies, you also need to find a place to throw the party! If your home and yard are big enough, this might be the only space you need. If not, it may be necessary to rent some space at a local park, community center, or elsewhere. Be sure to offer the owner of the property an ice cream cup as well (with ice cream in it, of course).

Planning a successful ice cream party takes some time and effort, but the result is more than worth it. Besides, you can be pretty sure you’ll get a good turn out. After all, who doesn’t like ice cream? And be sure to include some lactose-free ice cream for those with an intolerance!

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