How to Have Fun in the Sun This Summer While Sticking to Your Fitness Goals

Spicy hummus

In order to reach or exceed and maintain your fitness goals, it’s important to first change your general perspective towards health. If you view getting healthy as a chore, this poor or negative attitude will ultimately work against you. On the other hand, maintaining a positive attitude and treating your overall health — not just your weight loss — as a complete and total lifestyle changed will yield much better and longer lasting results.

Everyone agrees that eating a balanced and nutritious diet is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but there’s a big difference between simply cutting calories — and in some cases even nutrients — and eating clean or smart. Reducing your caloric intake is just one small aspect of being healthy.

It’s important to note that not all calories are created equal. Sure, many “diet” foods have fewer calories and less fat than their regular counterparts, but did you also know that many are packed with sodium, harmful preservatives, and artificial sweeteners and flavors? So while you may be cutting calories, you’re still not eating healthy.

Instead, reach for easy to prepare, whole, and nutrient rich foods and recipes such as cedar plank salmon recipes, which are perfect for summer. Cedar plank salmon recipes are not only simple to prepare, but they’re delicious and incredibly nourishing!

In addition, you can cut calories, preservatives, fats, and more by making condiment swaps. This is especially easy to do during the summer, when dips and spreads are in season. Homemade, easy hummus recipes can be used as a replacement for high calorie and high fat condiments such as mayonnaise and other dressings.

Hummus dips and hummus spreads can be used in the same manner as other condiments such as sour cream, ketchup, mustard, dressing and more. It’s an excellent way to replace empty calories with protein, fiber, and most of all, flavor!

So instead of approaching your health and weight loss journey as an arduous task, instead think of it in terms of baby steps. Start out slow and make simple swaps. You can still enjoy fun in the sun this summer and reach your health and fitness goals by experimenting with different foods and maintaining a positive outlook.

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