How Gourmet Catering Can Make Your Next Lunch Meeting a Big Hit

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Businesses in the U.S. hold a collective 18 million meetings and events each year. Meetings are routinely viewed as the bane of an office worker’s workday. One easy way to make things more interesting is to offer gourmet lunch catering. Catering for events and meetings can remove a certain measure of stress during the planning process. In other words, you can rest easy knowing that the refreshments are someone else’s responsibility.

Are Employees Impressed With Gourmet Lunch Catering?

Most people are highly food motivated. Good food can improve a person’s mood. Event catering allows a company to focus on the details of their meeting, instead of worrying about the logistics of accommodating appetites. Here’s what to know when booking a catering company.

Figuring Out the Logistics of Serving a Hot Lunch.

It’s a piece of cake to pack a lunch for yourself. Not so easy to plan a lunch for 10, 20, or 50 employees. Keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold is not only preferable for taste, but is actually a matter of safety. Food items have an acceptable temperature range for safe consumption. When a food’s temperature falls in the unsafe zone for a certain amount of time it becomes unsafe to eat. This is vital information that every food server is required to know to be certified to safely serve food.

Pleasing Different Tastes: Thinking Outside the Box.

Gourmet lunch catering elevates the office lunch experience. A lackluster meeting that takes place over lunch might serve simple sandwiches, and maybe vegetable slices. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this type of lunch, however it’s not very exciting either. If an employee will be missing their lunch break for a meeting, it can impress many participants if the lunch is features something unexpected. But this shouldn’t be your concern if you are in charge of organizing the meeting. Making an interesting, delicious lunch is the responsibility of the catering company.

On average, the U.S. spends about $122 billion annually. The goal of a meeting is to pass along information, to collaborate ideas, and to make plans for the future actions of the business. This is information that requires full engagement from participants. Good catering can encourage people to perk up and pay attention.

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