How Adding Wild Caught Salmon To Your Diet Can Boost Your Emotional And Physical Health


Are you feeling more lethargic or anxious as of late? Perhaps it’s time for a diet change. While adding or removing a few elements from your diet won’t be the answer to all that’s ailing you, a new diet can still add a noticeable boon to any concentration or sleep issues that may be eating away at your week. Fish is one of the best additions to any modern or alternative diet, providing a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals alongside a fresh taste that can be at home in salads, sandwiches or as is. Wild caught Alaskan salmon and related breeds, in particular, are under intense scrutiny for the additional benefits they offer more conventional options. Let’s take a look at how adding healthier meat to your diet can help you have, if not everything, at least more.

American Diets And Meat

The United States is one of the most vibrant meat-producing industries around the world. The average American will consume 66 pounds of beef, 90 pounds of chicken and plenty of fish on a yearly basis. However, sustainable meat options have been floating to the top of the industry over time thanks to increased awareness campaigns and ongoing efforts by farmers and scientists alike to yield the healthiest crops possible for hungry consumers.

Foodborne Illness And Distribution

It’s healthy to be nervous about foodborne illness. When you consider its prevalence in many different kinds of meat, safer options should be at the top of your to-buy list when visiting a store. A 2011 study published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases’ journal estimated nearly 50% of beef and poultry will contain Staph bacteria. While fully cooking your meat significantly reduces this risk, there’s nothing stopping you from reducing it further by seeking out grass fed meat delivery or wild caught Alaskan salmon.

Food And Emotional Health

It’s hard enough getting through week after week of work, school and family obligations without adding concentration issues, interrupted sleep patterns and lethargy to the mix. A healthy diet can do wonders for counteracting these seemingly minor side-effects and bring out your very best. Regularly consuming food rich in fatty acids has been directly linked toward reducing depression — wild caught Alaskan salmon is simply bursting with omega-3, perfect for giving you a boost that will last.

Food And Physical Health

Conventional breeding and farming options don’t fare nearly as well as pasture-bred, grass-fed and wild caught options. Grass-fed beef and Wagyu beef for sale, for example, has up to seven times more beta carotene (another term for vitamin A) than their grain-fed counterparts. Wild salmon, in particular, has 32% fewer calories than its farmed counterpart and a half filet boasts only 13 grams compared to the 27 grams farmed fish bear. Not only can you lose weight (if that’s your goal!), you can still get all the fatty acids and vitamins your body is craving.

Adding Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon To Your Diet

Now for a little refresher. Foodborne illness is a rampant problem in all food industries, especially meat, and something that can be more easily prevented when you seek out companies that provide grass-fed or wild caught options. Wild caught Alaskan salmon is chock full of essential vitamins and fatty acids, perfect for boosting your mood, as well as a lower calorie count for weight watchers. Lastly? They’re delicious, easy to cook and flexible in all sorts of recipes. What’s not to love? Consider catching yourself some salmon online and see how your life can’t be a little brighter every time you sit down for lunch or dinner.

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