Here Are Three Fun Facts About Microgreens That You Might Not Have Known

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If you are looking to dress up an entree or dessert you have made, microgreens can be a great way to add a classy touch. Micro greens and micro herbs can be a great addition to any creation. This is especially true when dealing with edible flowers for cupcakes. By adding flower crystals or herb crystals, you can take your cupcakes to the next level and impress and inspire you guests. Here are three fun facts about microgreens and how you can make them into edible flowers for cupcakes.

1. Edible flowers for cupcakes are made by crystallizing or caramelizing the dried flowers. These are dipped in a sugar solution and baked. This makes them perfect for decorating cupcakes with. They can also be used in drinks, salads, and most entrees. They are very versatile and have uses beyond just gourmet cupcakes.

2. These have been made and sold in paper pulp since about 2002. This form of microgreens started in Europe and has grown in popularity. Again, this offers a versatility. They are edible and can be used in a variety of dishes. They offer a quick way to class up a dish you are working on.

3. Microgreens can be made from beets, celery, cilantro, basil and many other herbs and plants. The seeds that microgreens are grown from are identical to the ones used to grow larger versions of these plants. Because of this, the difference in microgreens is generated by hard work on the growers part. This hard work can result in a great addition in the form of edible flowers for cupcakes.

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