Have You Thought Of Starting Your Own Microbrewery?

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How does alcohol fit into your everyday life? This delicious and relaxing substance has been part of human history for thousands of years, dating all the way to the days of Rome and even ancient Egypt. While it was originally used as a drink for festivities or for the upper class, nowadays it’s a popular drink of choice for all sorts of occasions. Even recent years have seen a significant sure in the amount of people turning into wine enthusiasts or looking to open their very own microbrewery. Whether you want to apply for a bartender position or are wondering about the types of wine you should try, there’s something for everyone below.

Did You Know?

There are health benefits associated with different types of wine. Moderate wine consumption has been positively associated with a decreased risk of heart disease. This is more imperative for older Americans than younger ones, however, and it is always stressed by medical professionals not to overdo it. After all, too much alcohol can permanently damage your liver or potentially become addicting. Less is more!

The Classy Charm Of Wine

There are many different types of wine. One of the most popular aspects of this smooth drink is how it gets better with age. There are even bottles of wine that have been around for decades, selling at very high prices or being delegated to five-star restaurants. The five most popular types of wine are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Pinot Grigio. According to data provided in 2014 by Nielsen, Americans overwhelmingly prefer red wine at 51%, followed close behind by white wine at 46%, with rose wine trailing behind. But what about beer?

The Robust Buzz Of Beer

Perhaps you’re not a fan of the different types of wine and prefer the hearty flavor of beer. It’s just as well, as beer is considered the most accessible form of alcohol in the West. It’s such a booming business, in fact, that microbreweries have been on the rise for years. Small and independent breweries account for a majority 99% of all the breweries in operation — that’s 2,300 microbreweries, 1,600 brewpubs and nearly 200 regional craft breweries. A microbrewery is characterized by producing less than 15,000 barrels of beer per year.

The Pleasant Sting Of Spirits

For those that want something stronger and perhaps more flexible, spirits are the way to go. Vodka is easily one of the most beloved forms of alcohol in club and restaurant settings due to its ability to be mixed with all sorts of juices, sodas and fruits. The number of consumers who purchase spirits in the United States has nearly exceeded 100 million as of recent years, with the average number of consumers seeking out pre-mixed cocktails within the past month reaching 14 million. Other popular spirits include whisky and scotch.

Starting Your Own Brewery

A fantastic business model fifty years ago and today, the appeal of good, homegrown beer has never faded. Craft beer is much beloved for its unique approach to alcohol and all the different flavors and contents that change from store to store. If you find yourself interested in creating a local brew, it’s imperative you learn about the different types of beer and what draws certain customers over others. Obtaining your license, learning about growler fills and becoming familiar with nationwide competitions are all part of creating a microbrewery that can stand with the best of them.

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