Finding Your Dream Job That Deals With Helping People

What does a dream job look like to you? For many, a dream job means that they will play a crucial role in helping others. Some jobs are obvious. A doctor helps patients diagnose and treat illnesses, for instance. But there are many subgroups of medical industry jobs that you can pursue that involve helping people with specific needs.


Alas, if you feel that your dream job is in the medical field, then a career as an audiologist might be a solid choice. Audiologists primarily deal with hearing disorders. As an audiologist, you work with many types of people of all ages to diagnose and treat problems associated with hearing. Relevant issues may include hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, and balance. You may also help patients experiencing hearing loss find the best hearing aid.

To begin your career as an audiologist, you must choose the right education. Upon receiving your bachelor’s degree, you must obtain a two-year master’s degree. But it doesn’t stop there. An audiologist requires a doctoral degree, clinical observation, and experience such as an internship program. Most often, audiologists find employment in medical settings. Although the type of certification varies by state, to be a practicing audiologist, you must get certified.

Hearing Aid Specialist

Perhaps you want to get your career right away and don’t have the time or financial flexibility to go to school for ten years to become an audiologist. The next best choice to get your dream job started is to become a hearing aid specialist.

Unlike an audiologist, a hearing aid specialist doesn’t require a doctoral degree. Instead, you only need to receive your high school diploma and two years of higher education specializing in relevant coursework. However, shearing aid specialist will not have the scope of training as an audiologist and therefore cannot diagnose or treat hearing-related conditions.

Similarly, a hearing aid specialist must obtain a certificate after training. As a hearing aid specialist, you will work primarily with hearing aids – administration, assessment of hearing, and consulting.

Gynecologist Doctors

When you are passionate about helping patients with their reproductive health, then your dream job may be in gynecology. Gynecologist doctors specialize in helping patients from the time they begin puberty to old age. As a gynecologist, you will diagnose, treat, and consult with patients about the health of their ovaries, cervix, and fallopian tubes, for instance.

Gynecologist doctors, unlike OB/GYN’s, specializing in reproductive health, not pregnancy. Patients who are pregnant typically visit an OB/GYN, who has more extensive training in pre-pregnancy through post-pregnancy care. A gynecologist is rather focused on the reproductive health involved in sexually active and menstruating individuals in general.

As a gynecologist doctor, you are trained to understand diseases and issues around the reproductive system. You are trained to check for breast cancer, abnormalities, and other concerns related to fertility.

To follow the path of successful gynecologist doctors, you must first earn a bachelor’s degree followed by a medical college admissions test, MCAT. You must then complete 4-5 years of medical school followed by another 4 years of residency. Residency lets you acquire supervised experience in a medical setting.

There’s no doubt about it. Trying to find your dream job takes hard work and dedication. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out what you want to do. However, knowing what you want to accomplish throughout your career is important too. If helping people is important to your career, then you have taken the first step by exploring people-focused career options.

A Career in Law Enforcement

It might be surprising to hear that law enforcement officers and bail bondsman agencies often work together along with the court system. It seems counterintuitive, but a bail bondsman must also abide by the conditions of the courts. The court may deny the defendant the option to bail out, and in this case, the bail bonding company cannot override that decision.

However, the duties of a law enforcement officer are still to serve and protect. In other words, they are also in the business of helping people. The careers that make up the justice system are all different sides of the same coin, mostly working together.

Bail Bondsman

When you are looking to find your dream job, a bail bondsman may not be the first option that comes to mind. But there is virtue in choosing a career where you must put your judgments aside and help a person out of a bad situation. A bail bondsman does exactly that.

As a bail bondsman, you help people who have been taken to jail. When someone is arrested on a charge, they don’t always have the resources at hand to help them out. Whether the arrest is justified or not is not a bail bondsman’s concern.

A person who is arrested and taken into custody usually has a bond set, which is essentially the price they must pay for their freedom. These bonds, depending on the charge, are often very high and must be paid in full. If an individual cannot scrape enough money together to pay the full amount, they are forced to spend their time in jail to wait for their hearing.

As a bail bondsman, you pay the amount of bail set on behalf of your client so they can prepare for their trial in the comfort of their home. Of course, some stipulations are involved. You are relying on your client’s word to pay you back for bail you have posted so they can be set free. Of course, there is paperwork that holds your client liable, but often, this is not enough. To be a bail bondsman, you must truly love to help people in dire straits.

DWI Lawyer

A DWI lawyer helps people who have been charged with a DWI, driving while intoxicated. As a DWI lawyer, you work with law enforcement and judges to make sure you have the information that you need to represent your client. You may be thinking, “how does representing a drunk driver help people?”. Here’s the thing, you might be the only person to hear their side of the story, and sometimes a situation is not as it seems to the outside world.

As a DWI lawyer, you have the important job of listening to the client you represent and not making judgments. Essentially, you represent your client on behalf of the rights that everyone has until these rights are taken away, and everyone in the U.S. deserves a fair trial to assess their case. As a DWI lawyer you are helping people that might otherwise not have fair representation.

If you pursue a career as a DWI lawyer, you will represent people and their circumstances, giving them a chance to prove their innocence, or that the charges against them are unjust in some way.

Personal Injury Lawyer

When you represent someone as a personal injury lawyer, you help them recover losses. Losses are typically financial. You might see personal injury lawyers working on behalf of clients that have been in an auto accident.

If your client was injured at no fault of their own, they may receive a lump sum of money from the other party’s insurance company. Sometimes the amount of money they receive is enough to recover the financial losses they incurred due to missing hours at their job, repairing a broken vehicle, medical expenses if they had to visit a hospital.

However, sometimes the insurance companies involved do not pay out enough to cover all the expenses that were lost. At this point, a victim involved in a car wreck may decide to hire you, the personal injury lawyer. Your job is to represent your client who is potentially looking to sue the party who they believe caused the accident in the first place.

Sometimes, the other at-fault party does not have money to cover the lost wages and medical bills of the injured party. So, a personal injury lawyer can step in and try to recover these wages from the insurance company before filing suit.

A personal injury lawyer may also handle medical malpractice, assault, or product liability suits. To start your dream job as a lawyer, get your bachelor’s degree, and then study for the LSAT, the law school admission test. Finally, find and apply to a law school that meets your needs.

A Career in Social Services

A career in social services is different from a career as a social security disability lawyer. However, both careers focus on helping people that cannot do it on their own. As a social service manager, you represent the community and support the well-being of the public.

Social Security Disability Lawyers

As a social security disability lawyer, you help the average person navigate through the confusing jargon of social security disability benefits. Social security is a type of insurance that replaces the income of someone who is unable to work due to age or a disability.

By carrying out the functions of a social security disability lawyer, you are doing a tremendous service to people who have difficulty communicating with the Social Security Administration. The SSA has a slew of paperwork and cases that flood their offices daily. Therefore, many people who need social security insurance may have a difficult time representing themselves or merely getting through to someone.

A social security disability lawyer represents clients at hearings and files complicated paperwork on behalf of those who cannot do so on their own.

Citizenship Lawyers

Are you considering your dream career in law yet? Becoming an immigration lawyer is another rewarding option. Immigration lawyers deal with immigration status, green cards, visas, political asylum, among other important areas of immigration law.

The first step to becoming an immigration lawyer is to get your Juris Doctor degree. You may want to specialize in immigration practices and laws, so get a leg up on specifics in your career. Citizenship lawyers must have strong interpersonal skills as well as thick skin. You may represent people with trauma in their lives who have fought long and difficult journeys. Their stories may be emotional to hear.

If you choose a career in immigration law, you get the chance to work with people with different backgrounds and diverse cultures. You get the chance to represent and help people in tough situations and circumstances, including parents, families, and children. A rewarding dream job indeed.

Antitrust Lawyer

If you are interested in helping companies navigate through unjust market practices, then perhaps your dream job is to become an antitrust lawyer. Antitrust laws are set in place to help regulate fair business practices.

Antitrust lawyers deal with issues such as false advertising, price discrimination, price-fixing, and other manipulations of the market. As an antitrust lawyer, you help consumers or companies and hold up the laws that regulate a fair market.

To become an antitrust lawyer, you should understand the market as well as an understanding of economics. All lawyers need strong people skills and antitrust lawyers are no exception.

A few things to consider when searching for your dream job.

  • Will your job align with your lifestyle?
  • Will your job align with your emotional energy?
  • Will your job mesh with your future endeavors?

If your lifestyle is routine-oriented and you don’t do well with impromptu changes in your schedule, then becoming a lawyer may not be the right move. Lawyers seldom have a strict 9-5 schedule. Therefore, flexibility is necessary if you choose to pursue a career as an attorney.

If your career is emotionally taxing, then you must be able to handle the energy. If you feel overwhelmed by others’ hardships or cringe at the sight of a crime scene, then a career in law enforcement may become too intense to handle every day.

Finally, think about your future. If it is important for you to have enough time to spend with family or pursue other life objectives like traveling, then a career that allows you the flexibility to do what you want maybe a sound choice.

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