Finding Some Fine Candy

Many people have a sweet tooth, and there are all sorts of sugary treats out there ranging from ice cream and gelato to chocolates and even fruits. Candy is often associated with kids, such as while trick or treating or during Easter. But some types of candy are popular among adults too, including candy mints, chocolate of all types, and even fruit with a chocolate fondue fountain for a fun dessert. A person may find some candy shops in their local area where they may find gourmet lollipops or chewy candies for their kids, and adults, meanwhile, might want to buy chocolate candy online or at a gourmet shop. Adults have more particular taste in candy beyond “it’s sugary,” and adults want fine candy. This may mean choosing to buy chocolate candy online to find particular flavors or something really fancy. What is there to know about how often kids have candy, and how might adults find the right candy for themselves?

Candy Across the United States

Candies as we know them have been around since the 1800s, and some brand names are over a century old. What does this add up to? It’s been found that the average American eats close to 25 pounds of candy every single year, with about half of that coming from chocolate bars alone. Similarly, close to one in four American adults will consume at least one piece of candy in every day of the week. In total, Americans aged 18 and over consume 65% of all of the candy that is produced in a year. Some nations such as the United States and Switzerland are known for loving chocolate, and Americans consume 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate, or 11 pounds for each person. Per capita, the Swiss eat even more, and Swiss chocolate is known for its fine quality.

What about kids? Most often, those under 18 love to eat candy at any time when they can get it, but there are some times of the year known for candy for everyone. Halloween is a popular time for candy, since it’s handed out during trick or treating. Easter is another popular time for candy, chocolate in particular, such as chocolate rabbits and candy eggs to celebrate the holiday. Parents may want to be careful, though, about the amount of candy that kids eat, since a sugar rush may cause some annoying behavior at times. Kids should also be urged to carefully brush their teeth after eating any meal, especially one involving candy for dessert. All those sugars can quickly nourish tooth-harming bacteria, so tooth brushing is vital for dental health after eating something so sugary.

Adults and Chocolate

Personal tastes vary, but it may be safe to say that chocolate is the staple adult candy, along with breath-freshening hard mints. For adults, one of the most popular candy seasons is St. Valentine’s Day, most often when men give boxes of chocolates (whether square or heart-shaped) to their girlfriends or wives. This is the typical model of giving candy for Valentine’s Day, but of course anyone can send anyone else chocolates, such as men giving candy boxes to other men or women sending chocolates to their husbands if they so choose. Another popular time for adult candy is Mother’s Day, when mothers across the United States may receive boxes of candy from their husbands or even their kids.

Where to find fine chocolate for these holidays? A child will probably eat any piece of candy he or she gets, but adults may have more refined taste. Someone may want to buy chocolate candy online to find something gourmet, and specialized flavors and arrangements may be found when a customer chooses to buy chocolate candy online. That is, if their local candy shop doesn’t offer what they’re looking for. Some department stores have been known to offer gourmet chocolate for adults, though, such as close to Mother’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day. And on a related note, chocolate fondue is a sort of candy for adults. This involves dipping strawberries, cherries, and more into a small chocolate fountain, a fun and popular way to have a classy dessert. This may be common at weddings or high school dances, for example, or even an office party.

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