Everything You Need to Know About the Restaurant Industry

Here is the scenario: you have an army of hungry customers and it is taking 25 minutes just to knead the dough with your hands. You need help! Now is probably the time to start considering a dough roller machine and effectively streamline the process. Or else, your customers are going to start kneading you into dough!

Here is the rub: every week that goes by 34 percent of all Americans will stop by a casual diner to grab a bite to eat, at least once; that is 34 Americans out of every 100. While 34 customers a week does not sound like a lot, that is only a simple percentage. Extrapolate it with 1000 Americans, and you get 340 customers gracing your diner every week. Which means you need a fast and efficient way of churning out dough.

Dough has its hands in a lot of favorite meals, like pizza, doughnuts, and the simple, but very delicious, garlic bread. Speaking of pizza, your restaurant is going to need a lot of dough. A 2016 Pizza Consumer Trend Report by Technomic, stated that the number of consumers that eat pizza, at least once, on any given week is 41 percent. Do you think you will be able to satisfy America’s number one favorite comfort food, according to Harris Poll, without the us of a dough roller machine?

In very rare cases does streamlining reduce the quality in the products you buy. In fact, it can be a cost saving method to invest in a few machines when, or if, your business picks up rather than hiring a boatload of individuals that have their own idiosyncrasies. The machines can be manned by a few individuals while reducing the work put in by as much as half, depending on the machine.

When you own a business, you need business quality products including aspects like a restaurant mixer, spiral dough mixer, vegetable processor, and machines for processing vegetables. Quality is important in a restaurant.

Businesses are booming and restaurants are doing their best at this time when everybody is always looking for a bite to eat. In fact, recently, restaurant sales on an annual level have reached about $783 billion. Bakeries have also been doing excellently, expanding to approximately $30.9 billion in 2014 alone! Because of this, every bakery needs a dough roller machine that is tough enough to handle the job. Only buy the best for the livelihood of your business.

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