Coffee Supplies for Modern Drinkers

Coffee stands as among the most popular drinks in the entire world alongside beer and tea, and accordingly, there is a huge market for its products as well, anything from coffee stirrers like wooden sticks to sugar packets, hot paper cup products, cheap coffee mugs, sentimental or fun coffee mugs, and of course, coffee makers and espresso makers for the home and office alike. Coffee can also be bought and either consumed at a cafe or bought to go, which can be popular among business professionals who need an energy-boosting drink without taking the time to sit at a cafe. Offices can have a budget for coffee stirrers, paper cups, bean bags, and more, either in the office’s central budget or potluck through the employees. There are all kinds of ways to appreciate this drink.

The Market For Coffee

Coffee is consumed worldwide, and the market for its supplies, especially in the United States, is enormous. The American coffee market alone is believed to have a retail value of some $48 billion, and specialty products make up 55% of that. Among global imports of un-roasted coffee beans, nearly a quarter went to the United States alone in 2014, which meant 27.5 million bags of coffee beans. American drinkers of coffee will consume 1.64 cups of this beverage per day, statistically speaking, and around 50% of the American population drinks espresso, iced coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes, around 150 million people. Independent coffee shops manage to make up a large share in coffee sales; they sell 31% of espresso-based drinks, and the rest of what they sell is usually brewed coffee. These independent shops bring in a total yearly revenue of $12 billion.

Different Ways to Drink

Paper cups and other disposable drinking vessels are popular and convenient ways to have coffee, and they may include features such as plastic lids that keep the heat and liquid inside, and cardboard covers to protect the drinker’s hands from the hot liquid. Coffee stirrers and spoons may be more useful to those who drink coffee at home or in the office, a more leisurely way to drink. Sugar and cream are popular additions to coffee to those who do not drink it black, and those drinkers ordering coffee to go may ask for these additions in their order instead of having to add it themselves. White paper coffee cups are the vessels of choice for mobile drinkers, and may be convenient for drinkers at the office who do not have their own cups.

At the office, it is likely that many employees there are coffee drinkers, and for maximum effect, the employees can work together to keep a coffee station working in the break room. They can split the price of a coffee maker (especially if a larger one is needed), and they can rotate who buys supplies like coffee stirrers, white paper cups, sugar packets, and more. Common courtesy calls for cleaning up any and all messes such as coffee grounds or sugar on the table, and anyone who finds an empty pot in the machine is urged to make a new pot, rather than waiting for someone else to do it. Having a full pot at all times is best for everyone.

Office workers can use coffee not just for recreational drinking, but also to boost their performance at the workplace, making it a productivity supplement. It has been found that consuming three to five cups per day can slow down the cognitive decline that is associated with aging, and this translates to a 65% decrease in the chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, according to a recently conducted study. This productivity boost can be facilitated with either coffee bought to go before arriving at work, and/or with the public coffee maker available in the break room. Having coffee at work can be very price efficient when the workers collaborate to make the perfect coffee station for everyone to enjoy.

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