Behind The Love Of Craft Beer In The United States

From getting an insulated stainless steel growler to learning more about a beer carbonation chart (like what it is and how to use it), there are many ways to appreciate beer in the United States. And beer is a well loved beverage in most if not all parts of the United States. Most everyone who is over the age of twenty one (the legal drinking age in the country) has had a beer at some point and though beer can often require some getting used to when it is first experienced, it quickly becomes the choice alcoholic beverage of many people.

In fact, when it comes to choosing an alcoholic beverage, more than forty percent – nearly half – of all adults who are over the age of twenty one will choose to drink a beer (sometimes from an insulated stainless steel growler) in the place of wine or hard liquor (often referred to as spirits.) Among these beer drinkers, an immense amount of beer and cider alike are consumed in the time span of just one year, totaling nearly thirty gallons of beer and or cider per every single person. This is often because beer and cider drinking is viewed as a casual experience, and many people will have one single glass of beer or cider with dinner. Statistically, nearly fifteen percent of all residents of the United States will have at least one bottle of beer every single week – and many will drink beer or cider far more frequently.

This increased consumption of beer has led to a significant growth in the independent beer industry of the United States. There are now more breweries than there have ever been before within the limits of the country, totaling more than four thousand and two hundred. These breweries and the craft beer that is sold (often in an insulated stainless steel growler or a growler keg or growler container) have helped revenue in beer sales skyrocket. When we look at the overall beer industry of the country, craft breweries and independent breweries have been making a name for themselves, making up greater than ten percent of the total market share generated by the beer industry of the United States alone. When we look at the just the craft beer industry by itself, it has been found to be worth more than twenty three million dollars in total.

Craft breweries have become so popular for the large and often seasonal specialty variety that they often offer. They also offer the chance to take home some of their unique beers in an insulated stainless steel growler. Purchasing an insulated stainless steel growler provides the perfect way to bring home your favorite beer, and an insulated stainless steel growler may be truly the only viable way to do so, as some beers offered at a craft brewery are likely to not be commercially available.

Beer has become more popular than ever before in most parts of the United States – and beer has long been a very well beloved beverage. But there has been a good deal of innovation in the beer industry in recent years, particularly when it comes to craft breweries or independent breweries. These breweries provide a unique beer drinking experience that many beer drinkers are looking for, giving them something exciting, a change from the norm. Beer has always been well loved, but now it is loved for even more reasons and continues to grow in popularity with each passing day in many places in the United States.

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