3 True Statements That Can Bring More Customers to Your Coffee Roasting Business

Updated 8/23/2021

People love their coffer; there is little question about that. But as more people become aware of some of the practices involved with growing, harvesting, and preparing coffee beans there is some concern with sustainability and ethical issues for some coffee drinkers. As more people being to order coffee beans online it is also increasingly important for them to know where those beans come from, how they were gown, and what processes were used to prepare them.

Sustainable Practices

order coffee beans online

With modern technology and digital tools, it is easier than ever to get rich delicious coffee from beans to brew coffee. Delivery and shipping is still a major source of income for many companies as well as local farmers who grow the beans and prepare the coffee. More consumers than ever before want to make sure they know where to buy fair trade coffee online as well as where to get coffee that is grown organically and sustainably.

It is possible to buy good coffee online so long as you are willing to do your research and look into the company and what its businesses practices are. Buying coffee beans retail is a growing market, and there will always be plenty of options for you to choose from!

Learn more about coffee beans and making coffee – in your own business! – below.

Getting Into the Coffee Business Yourself

If you’re looking to break into the coffee business, you may have dreamed of opening your own coffee house. But there’s another option fewer people consider: a coffee roasting business. This vital — yet oft-forgotten — step in the coffee-making process can make for a rewarding, profitable business even when you’re just getting started. Here are some things you can tell prospective clients to boost your nascent coffee roasting business:

  1. “Roasting Is the Most Aspect of Making Good Coffee”Green coffee roaster machines are what take the green coffee beans and turn them into the brown coffee beans most people are familiar with. It’s also the step in the coffee-making process that most contributes to the final flavor and aroma of the coffee. Lighter roasts tend to allow the individual characteristics of the beans — what variety they are, where they were grown, and so forth — to shine through, whereas darker roasts tend to have a more robust, regular flavor.
  2. “We’re Your Neighbors” Another piece of coffee wisdom you can pass on to your clients is that coffee tastes better if it is roasted, ground and brewed as close together (temporally, which often means geographically) as possible. So whether you’re trying to convince a local coffee shop that they should try you out as a supplier or you’re selling at a farmer’s market nearby, let people know that they’re getting freshly roasted beans from right in town, not ones that have been roasted and stored somewhere else in the country (or even abroad). If you’re selling online, assure your customers that you ship promptly after roasting a batch.
  3. “We Use an Artisanal Coffee Roaster” If you’re just starting off, a small batch coffee roaster will probably comfortably meet your needs. There’s an added bonus, as well, in using an artisanal coffee roaster, when it comes to marketing your product. People across the spectrum, from college students to middle-class moms, are seeing the value of handmade, low-volume foods. Not only are people interested in buying these products, they’re often willing to pay more for them — which can help you make your roasting business more profitable in less time.

Are you considering buying an artisanal coffee roaster and starting a small coffee roasting business? Share your plans in the comments!

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