3 Incredible Reasons Why Microgreens Are All the Rage

How to grow microgreens

Among food lovers and more casual diners alike, people are only talking about one thing: microgreens.

These tiny, tender leafy greens, which have actually been around for about 20 to 30 years, are taking the food world by storm not just because of their delicate size and vibrant color. Microgreen growing businesses say microgreens pack a nutrient=filled punch that’s even greater than that of their larger counterparts.

So whether you’re simply adding a microgreen garnish to a soup or salad or you use tiny, edible flowers for cake decorating, you’ll be part of a massive new movement — the microgreen movement.

It has become clear that microgreens are the latest culinary trend that people can’t stop talking about. But why? Here’s a look at three reasons why foodies everywhere are in love with microgreens:

Great taste

Microgreens, with their delicate texture and tiny, yet nutrient-packed leaves, are undoubtedly one of the most flavorful ways to accent a dish. Whether you’re eating micro arugula, spinach or basil, it’s been said that these small seedlings are actually more packed with flavor than their fully-grown counterparts.

High nutritional value

As stated before, recent research has shown that microgreens contain significantly more vitamins and nutrients than fully-grown greens. A study from the University of Maryland found that microgreens boast as much as four to six times more nutrients than mature leaves of the same plant! So if you’re looking for a way to incorporate more vitamin C or beta carotene into your diet, microgreens are the way to go.

A beautiful accent to any plate

Microgreens aren’t just delicious and healthy. They’re also great to look at! If you’re hosting a party or dinner event, there’s no better way to add a delicate, unique touch to any dish than with a garnish of microgreens. Your guests will be thrilled.

What are your favorite things about microgreens? Want to know more about adding microgreens to salads, where to find microgreen growing businesses and more? Ask us anything by leaving a comment below.

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